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Ep. 45—Scandal in Spring: Smell That? That's the Fresh Scent of a Pining Hero!

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The frosty kiss of Winter is finally being chased away by the warmth of the coming Spring. The first blooms of the season are attracting the promenading Ton outside and one Daisy in particular finds herself in a bit of a situation... Uh-oh, here comes the fifth stop on our Wallflowers journey: Scandal in Spring! Matthew Swift and Daisy Bowman absolutely do not want to marry each other. Or at least...that's what they say. When Daisy's father gives her an ultimatum (to find a man to marry at once or she'll have to marry Matthew) she's appalled at the idea of marrying the scrawny, quiet boy she remembers following her father like a shadow growing up. What she doesn't remember is Matthew growing up into a very handsome man indeed, one who knows exactly how to make her romantic heart beat a little faster. After an encounter with an angry goose, a spectacular tournament of lawn bowling, and a few unfortunate parlor games, one might say that despite Daisy Bowman and Matthew Swift's best efforts to stay away from each other, life just keeps throwing them in the same room. How long can they resist the invisible pull between them? How long before they get themselves into a bit of a scandal? Trigger warning: mentions of pregnancy, miscarriage, and neglectful parenting. Book of the Week: Scandal of Spring by Lisa Kleypas Find us: E-mail—[email protected] Twitter—@theRTMpod Instagram—@romancingthemonsterspodcast TikTok—@Romancingthemonsterspod Find M: Instagram & Twitter—@foesandlovers Find S: Instagram & Twitter—@butthisbook Find Seff: Instagram & Twitter—@prosewithwoes Romancing the Monsters is a podcast that looks at the monster within: the shadow keeping the characters away from true and absolute happiness. This monster can be a prejudice, fear, insecurity, trauma and so on. We believe that romance novels are as much about one's personal journey as they are about finding love. After all, love makes us vulnerable and forces us to bare our monsters to another.

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