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Musings on Peer Support in the Polyamorous Sphere with Sam of @Shrimpteeth

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In the kickoff to Season 3 of the "Remodeled Love" podcast, Jes chats with the creator of and artist over at @Shrimpteeth, Sam.

There are several arguments against the presence of the "peer support" model in the polyamorous digital sphere:the potential for the abuse of power, the fact that there's no board to report abuse to, no official training or accreditation for "coaches", the charging of money, etc.

But how does peer support actually work? Jes and Sam break down their backgrounds, how they personally show up in the peer support space, the issues they come across, how peer support makes these essential services accessible and inclusive, and why it's essential for anyone offering peer support to know their scope and have a fall out plan.


Producers: Jessica Levity, Homeslice Productions

Intro song: Rachael McIlhiney covering Hozier


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