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Ep 61 - Gratitude, Grounding and Glimmers

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Today Julie and Ginger are talking about the 3 G’s: Gratitude, Grounding and Glimmers.  These are basic mindfulness strategies that provide emotional safety in both the home and the classroom. This is a hard time of year for those of us who are emotionally stressed, and our stressors really start to build up with work schedules, school schedules and work schedules during the holiday season. People can actually start to dread this time of year.  But, as Ginger says, “Not only can we survive, but hopefully we can learn to thrive.”

You must give yourself permission to pause, reflect, make things smaller, dial down the craziness and really focus on what is important. Only then will the season truly shine. We need to know that “These are practices we must learn and seek out.  We can’t wait for them to come to us,” says Julie. Listen and learn how to find your Gratitude, Grounding and Glimmer ideas that you can use throughout this holiday season and beyond.

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