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One False Move

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The Wayback Machine's been set to 1992 and the ReconCinemation team gathers to look back at a hidden gem in the careers of Bill Paxton & Billy Bob Thornton: ONE FALSE MOVE! Jon, David & Brent unite to deep-dive into this neo-noir thriller, examining the career path of Bill Paxton, where Billy Bob Thornton stood in Hollywood, the discovery of the great Carl Franklin, Michael Beach, setting the tone for the film & so much more! Plus, early memories of the film, the state of independent film in 1992, the joy of new discoveries of older films, how it holds up today & more!

  Nothing is as dangerous as the past... or this podcast... it's ONE FALSE MOVE!   Twitter/IG: @reconcinemation Cover and Episode Art by Curtis Moore (IG: curt986) Theme by E.K. Wimmer (

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