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S3E5 What Young People Ask to Hear about the 10 Commandments

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Summary: In this episode, expert evangelist Julianne Stanz joins to talk about the challenges and importance of discussing the Ten Commandments in the context of evangelization. We also discuss insights from Julianne’s new book, The Catholic Parent’s Survival Guide, and what she learned from interviews with parents and teens about discussing moral teachings and the Ten Commandments. We discuss the role of apprenticeship and practical tips for parish catechists. Julianne emphasizes the importance of prayer, practical engagement, and acknowledging one's own limitations when discussing difficult topics.

Show Notes:

(00:00) In the opening of this episode, Julianne Stanz discusses the challenge of integrating the Ten Commandments into evangelization, emphasizing the need to present the fullness of the Gospel. Edmund and Julianne discuss the "believe, behave, belong" concept, explaining that belief and belonging precede behavior. Julianne highlights the nuanced approach required for different individuals, stressing the importance of acknowledging the commandments as guideposts for moral and natural law in fostering meaningful discussions, especially with teenagers.

(06:46) Julianne highlights the importance of presenting the Ten Commandments not merely as intellectual pursuits or behavior modification but as an invitation to experience God's life. She draws parallels to discipleship, emphasizing a close relationship with God. Edmund and Julianne discuss how young people may inadvertently make idols. Additionally, Julianne shares insights from young people's perspectives she learned through interviews and suggests using the Socratic method to foster meaningful conversations with children.

(13:09) The conversation delves into the challenges of discussing morality and the Ten Commandments, emphasizing the danger of presenting as experts in all aspects of the Church. The dialogue underscores the power of authenticity, suggesting that modeling vulnerability and engaging in the learning process together is more effective than perfect presentations. Julianne shares more insights from her research, highlighting the deep pain young people harbor regarding mental health and identity. She addresses the silent struggles and desire for face-to-face conversations young people experience. Parents express pressure to have everything figured out, while Stanz recommends simple traditions, like blessing children's shoes, as impactful ways to instill faith at home.

(21:02) Julianne advises catechists and parents not to fear presenting the Ten Commandments or facing tough questions. The discussion turns to authenticity, curiosity, and gradual teaching, emphasizing the Holy Spirit's role in evangelization. 

(28:08) The conclusion of the podcast directs listeners to explore additional resources and Julianne Stanz new book, A Survival Guide for Catholic Parents.

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