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S2 E16 Grace, Heresies, and Avoiding Extremes with Fr. Stephen Pullis

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Summary: In this podcast episode, host Edmund Mitchell engages with Fr. Stephen Pullis, Director of Pastoral Formation, and a professor at Sacred Heart Major Seminary, to explore the nuances of grace in catechesis. They discuss the challenges of moving beyond traditional catechesis, emphasizing the need for lifelong discipleship. Fr. Pullis shares insights into integrating faith into daily life in a postmodern world, emphasizing both successes and mistakes.

The conversation delves into the intricate nature of grace, highlighting its dual aspects—God's aid and human merit. Father Pullis stresses that grace is God's freely given life to humanity, shaping the Christian narrative. The discussion explores the transformative power of grace, emphasizing Jesus as the primary actor in breaking into our lives.

The hosts express concerns about potential pitfalls, and Fr. Pullis provides tips on explaining grace to those new to the faith. They discuss the challenges of living out church teachings and address the heresy of Pelagianism and modern challenges like Neo-Pelagianism.

The podcast concludes with practical advice for catechists, emphasizing a balanced approach between God's initiative and human cooperation. Fr. Pullis encourages the use of saints as examples for translating beliefs into practical everyday life. The episode closes with a mention of Sacred Heart Major Seminary's online courses and an invitation for engagement on Real+True's YouTube channel.

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