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Content Marketing: How Much Is TOO Much

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A lot of people are asking this question when it comes to "Content Marketing":

How much is too much?

At what point do you saturate your readers, listeners and viewers with so much knowledge that they are no longer interested in buying what you're selling?

In this week's episode, I'll give you a solid answer to that question...free of charge.

Key Insights

  • ​Giving away valuable content for free in content marketing can help build trust with potential customers and lead to future sales.
  • ​The success of a marketing strategy can be measured not just by immediate revenue, but also by its ability to position your brand in the marketplace and generate long-term results.
  • ​People often don't do what they know because they either don't know how to do it, don't like doing it, or find it too overwhelming. That presents an opportunity for content marketers to provide guidance and support in the form of courses, coaching, and other revenue-generating services.
  • 7 steps do doing this right
  • Step 1 - Know your audience and the problem they want to solve
  • Step 2 - Give the FULL Answer
  • Step 3 - Teach your whole process
  • Step 4 - Illustrate the value - Show what your process is worth when you put it to work
  • Step 5 - Ask your audience, "Why aren't you doing this?"
  • Step 6 - Offer to do it with them.
  • Step 7 - Repeat
  • ​Providing valuable knowledge and illustrating the value of your process can help build trust and demonstrate the worth of your content.
  • ​In my latest book, Read This Or Die, I share how I used my skills as a marketer and copywriter to write a sales campaign that helped me overcome the symptoms of Parkinson's disease and change my life.
  • ​Marketing is about changing mindsets and sharing your beliefs, values, and worldview, not selling products or services.
  • ​Next week, we'll talk about the selling process


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