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#26 Michael Perry - Mr Plant Geek- HORTUS CURIOUS

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In this episode sponsored by Genus Gardenwear Joff Elphick talks to Michael Perry aka Mr Plant Geek about his career in horticulture and his new book Hortus Curious - discover the worlds most weird and wonderful plants and fungi. 

We talk about his work with Thompson and Morgan where he worked on plants like the Tom-tato and the Egg and chips plant. His TV work with Channel 4's Steph's Packed Lunch and QVC. 

His latest book Hortus Curious covers a wide range of the world's most fascinating plants and fungi  and we talk about Venus Flytraps, the origins of coffee, Miracle Berries, Wollemi pines, The Vulva Vine - Clitoria ternatea, peanuts (they're not a nut!), and the pyromaniac plant Dictamnus albus var purpureus.

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