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#22 Silvana De Soissons, Natural Skincare for all Seasons

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In this episode sponsored by Genus Gardenwear Joff talks to Silvana de Soissons about her book Natural Skincare for all Seasons. 

Chapters in the book include An introduction to the skin. Plotting the skincare garden. Choosing skincare plants.The natural skincare garden through the seasons. Formulations and Techniques.

Joff and Silvana discuss

  • No dig gardening
  • The use of 'weeds' in skincare.
  • What are hydrosols, enfleurages, and tinctures
  • How can we make a tussie-mussie bath-bomb?
  • Gardeners hand scrub
  • Sustainability

Joff can be found here

Find out more about Silvana's business by visiting the Farm Soap Co.

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