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#19 The Garden Press Event, London 2022

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In this episode sponsored by the amazing Genus Performance Gardenwear Joff travels to the old horticultural halls in Islington, London, where he talks to the charities and businesses who attend the event. His first visit is to David Wyndham-Lewis of the horticultural charity Perennial who offer suppoert to those in the industry who may find themselves in financial difficulty for a number of reasons.

He then talks to Richard Pennock of Haws watering cans, the words oldest watering can manufacturer who still make their product in the UK. 

Tom Willday of Willsow writes and publishes gardening  books for children with pages made of handmade paper  embeded with seeds that can be planted!! 

Chris Holden from Nemasys discusses the range of organic nematode based pest control products that the company offers. Dealing with vine weevil, slugs, and leatherjackets has never been easier.

Mark Pitman is from Wildlife World who have just released a range of sustainable seed trays, root trainers, and cell trays in natural rubber that will finally enable us to rid our sheds of all those dissintegrating plastic products we've amassed over the years. 

Vanessa Easley is from the WFGA (Working for Gardeners Association) She tells us about the networking, support, and training opportunites they provide.

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