Pop go the Psychos podcast

Pop go the Psychos

Jeff and Cameron

Dr. Jeff Reber and Dr. Cameron Mount discuss the latest trends and research in psychology and relate them to current events and pop culture happenings. This is the fun, informative, edifying content that you crave, we guarantee it!* *not a legally binding guarantee

6 épisodes

  • Pop go the Psychos podcast

    Episode 6 - Aggression


    Jeff and Cameron pick apart aggression. Is there a place for anger and aggression in a healthy society? What happens when anger is suppressed? Can aggression be integrated and channeled into positive action? What did Martin Luther King Jr. teach about the role of anger in social activism? All this and more in Episode 6 of PGTP!
  • Pop go the Psychos podcast

    Episode 5 - Heroes


    Jeff and Cameron talk heroes! How do we explain the recent boom in pop-culture hero worship? How do real life heroes differ from fictional ones? How are Batman, the Joker, and Two-Face the perfect characters to explore Carl Jung's Persona/Shadow duality? Tune in to find out in Episode 5 of PGTP!
  • Pop go the Psychos podcast

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  • Pop go the Psychos podcast

    Episode 4 - Racism in America


    Jeff and Cameron discuss racism in America. How does the origin story of the USA inform our understanding of the current racial climate? How does the origin story of Black America differ from that of White America? What does the Holocaust teach us about how we've arrived at this point? How can we learn to understand each other? All of these questions and more are answered in Episode 4 of Pop go the Psychos.
  • Pop go the Psychos podcast

    Episode 3 - Science and Society


    Jeff and Cameron pick apart science's place in our society. Why is it so easy to disagree with science? Why is science becoming increasingly distrusted? What can we do about it? What shows have our hosts been watching? Each of these burning questions are thoughtfully answered, and Cameron fails a science quiz on the air in this episode of PGTP!
  • Pop go the Psychos podcast

    Episode 2 - Our Divided Nation


    Jeff and Cameron tackle the psychology of our divided nation. What is "belief perseverance?" Who is the "cognitive miser?" How can we break out of our echo chamber? These questions are answered, in addition to a new homework assignment and more silver lining.
  • Pop go the Psychos podcast

    Episode 1 - Psychology of a Pandemic


    Jeff and Cameron introduce the podcast, discuss the psychology of the Coronavirus pandemic, fear, and the importance of self-care and social connection.

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