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Compost, Witches Brooms and Pressed Flowers

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Is compost – homemade or purchased – a good substitute for fertilizer? What is that thick growth in a tree? Ellen and C.L. answer these questions and respond to a listener about uses for pressed flowers.


:26 True or False:   Compost is fertilizer.  

3:50  Eat/Drink/Grow:  Witches’ Brooms

19:58 Love Letters and Questions: Kelly asks for ideas about what to do with pressed flowers.

Check out the pressed flower art by Peggy Turner Zablotny

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  • Plantrama - plants, landscapes, & bringing nature indoors podcast

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  • Plantrama - plants, landscapes, & bringing nature indoors podcast

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  • Plantrama - plants, landscapes, & bringing nature indoors podcast

    Low-Light Houseplants, Money Plant and Cleaning Indoor Foliage


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    Apples, Augers, Old Wood and Tomatillos


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    Root Stimulator, and Houseplants, Houseplants, Houseplants


    Ellen and C.L. discuss what root stimulator products are and if they are necessary when you plant. They also address why houseplants might drop leaves when you bring them back inside for the winter, and how to fit even more plants in your house. :32 True or False:  You should use a “root stimulator” that is high in phosphorous 9:14 Eat/Drink/Grow:  Why houseplants and tropicals drop leaves when you bring them in for the winter. 19:43 Love Letters and Questions:  Kim asks how to fit more plants in her apartment.
  • Plantrama - plants, landscapes, & bringing nature indoors podcast

    Fall Purees, Watering and Pesky Black Gnats


    In this episode we are making purées for use later in the winter, and considering when you might need to water in the fall. Ellen and C.L. discuss managing those pesky fungus gnats (tiny black flies) that can emerge from your houseplants, and we answer a question about using red pepper to deter rabbits, deer and other critters. :29   What’s For Dinner:  Fall purées 6:53  Eat/Drink/Grow: Fall watering. 14:48 Insider Information:  Fungus gnats – again.  21:18 Love Letters and Questions:   Anne asks about using hot pepper flakes for animal repellants.
  • Plantrama - plants, landscapes, & bringing nature indoors podcast

    Nuts, House Plants and Late Migrating Hummingbirds


    Hear about nuts for dinner, houseplants that will make you smile, and late-to-migrate hummingbirds. We also answer Kim’s question about perennial garden cleanup in the fall. :30     What’s For Dinner  Nuts! 11:17    Eat/Drink/Grow:  House Plants that will make you happy all winter 20:30   Insider Information: Supporting late-to-migrate hummingbirds. 23:18   Kim writes: Do I need to clear out a perennial garden? Does a garden really need to be “put to bed?”

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