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Elizabeth Coe

The Plantbased, Not Perfect podcast is all about striving to be our healthiest selves, while living in the real world.

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  • Plantbased, Not Perfect podcast

    #117. Fiber Facts & Meal Plan Launch


    Today's episode is on FIBER because it is so vital for our health, longevity, gut health, digestion, weight loss and more. From the types of fiber and the plant foods (only) we can find the highest amounts in, to our gut health and aiding weight loss - fiber does it all. We deep dive into how fiber has been shown in studies to positively affect heart health, Diabetes Type 2, diverticulitis, period symptoms and endometriosis. I also share fiber supplements if needed and tips to ease more whole food fiber into your lifestyle. My new 7 Day Meal Plan the RESET has launched! It is a roadmap to help you set up a sustainable plantbased, not perfect way of living with principles, content, a 7 Day Meal Plan, nutritious recipes for breakfast, lunch and dinner plus snacks that will keep you full but aid you in optimal health, vitality, energy and a lean body year round. With a calorie density chart, 80/20 charts, printables journal prompts, pantry staples, kitchen tools, tips for smoothies, digestion and more - this Ebook is like having me teach you everything I have learned and implemented while also creating a distinct meal plan for you. Shop the RESET Meal Plan Ebook
  • Plantbased, Not Perfect podcast

    #116. The Food Combining Episode


    This episode covers the popular trend of food combining, explaining its origins and the "rules" that make up food combining, as well as whether it can be harmful or helpful for our health. With not much research to support it despite dating back many years, I keep an open mind and present the positive takeaways and troublesome principles of food combining. From digestion to weight loss, we unpack the claims and I give you my honest take so you can make decisions that will lead to optimal health and longevity. OSEA: 10% off your first order with code PBNP at Ritual Multivitamins: for 10% off your first order
  • Plantbased, Not Perfect podcast

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  • Plantbased, Not Perfect podcast

    #115. Heal Your Body and the Planet with Toodaloo


    In this episode I geek out with founder of Toodaloo, Cattie Khoury who created a superfood product during the pandemic with a mission to help heal your body and the planet. With a background in environmental sustainability and passion for plantbased nutrition, Cattie is shaking up the snack food industry. + Personal struggles with her weight growing up + Our connection with parents having Congestive Heart Failure + Falling in love with plantbased nutrition and changes she has seen since switching + Creating & launching a food company during a pandemic starting in her kitchen + Her inspiration for disrupting the snack food industry + Explaining how traditional trail mix is processed vs. Toodaloo + Deep dive on conventional farming vs. regenerative agriculture, and changing the supply chain + Hardest challenge launching your own company and future dreams + What she eats in a day, favorite workouts and top book Take $5 off your first order at with code PLANTBASED Visit or enter Plantbased at checkout for 15% off orders over $40 and a free sample of their Stress Blend
  • Plantbased, Not Perfect podcast

    #114. Coffee vs. Matcha


    Today's episode dives into the health effects of coffee and matcha tea, sharing the studies and health benefits of both. I share my journey with coffee, tips to ordering coffee out to make it healthier when you can and what to avoid when buying coffee and matcha. We also look at any known harmful side effects of drinking these beverages as well as their effects on our skin and my favorite matcha brands. Visit or enter PLANTBASED for 15% off orders over $40 + a free sample of their new Stress Blend
  • Plantbased, Not Perfect podcast

    #113. Bday Chats, Anti-aging Tips, Fall Intentions & PB Sources of Iron


    Today's podcast is a solo episode where I casually chat about turning 39 and the biggest lesson I've learned, my top anti-aging tips for staying youthful, my personal health & business intentions for fall and I share the best plantbased sources of iron for those who may be lacking. Athletic Greens: athletic for a FREE year supply of Vitamin D + 5 free travel packs of Athletic Greens
  • Plantbased, Not Perfect podcast

    #112. Discover the Root Cause of Your Health Issues with BASE


    From medical school, to working at Facebook, Instagram and Amazon as a software engineer, Lola Priego's background and own health struggles were the catalyst for her to launch BASE. BASE is affordable at home testing technology that helps you get to the root cause of your issues with a data driven perspective, testing for Diet, Stress, Energy, Sex Drive & Sleep. Feeling fatigued, Lola started the keto diet but still felt off so she went to the Dr and learned from her lab work it was due to B12 and folate deficiency, among other health issues. Once she discovered where her issues stemmed from and she could take her health into her own hands, it sparked an idea to solve a much larger issue: people do not know what is going on with their bodies. BASE was created to help us figure it out, get to the root cause, optimize our health and track it - all within the BASE app.  BASE: HAUTEHEALTHY for 20% off your first month NED: for 15% off your first one time order or 20% a subscription order + free shipping Ritual: 10% off your first 3 months with
  • Plantbased, Not Perfect podcast

    #111. Too Much of a Good Thing? Spinach, Fruit & Cinnamon


    Today's episode is on a common question I receive: can we consume too much of a good thing? Specifically when we are talking about too much spinach, fruit consumption and cinnamon intake. These have become hot topics in the wellness world, but are they things we should be spending time worrying about? Find out in this episode where I share what the research has to say, my personal opinion and tips on each to help you make your healthiest choices in the real world. NED CBD: for 15% - 20% off OSEA: 10% off your first order with code PBNP at
  • Plantbased, Not Perfect podcast

    #110. Self Care Sunday Routine: Body. Mind. Skin. Soul.


    Today's episode is sharing my Self Care Sunday Routine to motivate and inspire you to cultivate your own and create a healthier life for yourself. Health isn't only what we eat, it is what we surround ourselves with, what we watch and listen to, how we treat our bodies, how we disconnect and connect to create the healthiest life possible. I provide insight into my personal habits and rituals for body, mind, skin and soul - looking at our health, always, from a holistic perspective. FREE 1 year supply of Vitamin D AND 5 free travel packs of Athletic Greens with your first purchase if you visit Blog: Ebooks:
  • Plantbased, Not Perfect podcast

    #109. Q&A: Fat Loss, Protein Myths & Detoxing Naturally


    In today's episode I answer top questions received via Instagram on Fat Loss vs. Weight Loss, Protein Myths and Sources on a plantbased diet and Tips to "Detox" Naturally along with our own natural detoxification systems. From fasting, to fiber and sleep detoxing I share studies to support each topic, along with my own personal tips and tricks. or enter PLANTBASED at checkout for 15% off your first one-time order or 20% off your first subscription order + FREE shipping 10% off during your first three months at For show notes, visit
  • Plantbased, Not Perfect podcast

    #108. Ways to Minimize Toxins Naturally


    From before we are born toxins begin to play a role in our health. Whether internal or environmental, there are ways to minimize our exposure to toxins, helping to limit their negative effects on our health, vitality and longevity, not to mention aging and disease. In today's episode I break down the types of toxins, how they can impact our health negatively, and ways we can limit our exposure to them while providing sustainable tips, swaps and affordable options for everything. We cover: Food, Factory Farmed Animals and Dairy, Seafood, the 80/20 method and how to apply it to toxins Beauty, Skincare, Body Care, Household Cleaning Products, Toothpaste & Deodorant, Medications and more Take 10% off all products on your first order with promo code PBNP Follow me @hautehealthy

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