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Philosophy? WTF??

Danny O'Donnell & Dr. Michael Alsford

What is Philosophy? Why should we bother with it? Sit down with Danny and Dr. Mike in the comfort of their local pub, as they grapple with the big ideas in a unique and accessible way! Dive into our archive of earlier episodes here: Send us an email: [email protected] Check out our article about the podcast here! Get into Mike and Danny's heads for free! Discuss our episodes on our Facebook group: Follow us on Twitter: @PhilosophyWtf 

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  • Philosophy? WTF?? podcast

    Episode 152: Essence and Identity


    This week join Mike and Danny in the Philosopher’s Kitchen as they seek to impress the judges with their philo-culinary delights. Will the guest diners enjoy Danny’s Wittgenstein soufflé or will it collapse at the last minute proving to be insubstantial and nothing more than hot air? Will Mike’s Platonic pie flavoured with 'essence of human form' and served with a side of totalitarian taurine pique palates or send people scurrying to the toilet? As our conceptual cooks round off the evening with a desert constructed from leftover suspicion, a smidgin of Karl Popper sprinkled with nuts, the whole sorry mess is capped off with a nightcap of Mike over-sharing about his restaurant habits. Yes, this is where it starts guys, a feast for your minds - but remember, chew your food, enjoy it, you aren’t animals…
  • Philosophy? WTF?? podcast

    Episode 151: Evil Special Part 4


    This week join Mike and Danny and their new band 'The Nasty, Brutish and Short’ as they lay down some more wicked beats to scandalise and appal you all. How, I hear you cry, can we keep such evil under restraint? How will we curb the excesses of these sinful individuals who flout the laws of both god and man? "Some sort of leviathan perhaps?" shouts Hobbs from the back. "What about a sharp stake and some holy symbols?" suggests somebody with a big hat lurking in the shadows. “Maybe a bunch of strategically positioned fig-leaves?” exclaim the naked couple casually spiting out fruit pips at a snake. But wait, surely there is nothing inherently evil about these guy, right? I mean, perhaps it’s the infrastructure they are forced to work within. Let’s smash the system and see what happens! Yes, front row centre its Hannah Arendt and Simone de Beauvoir kicking in doors and taking names. Us? We were just obeying orders. 
  • Philosophy? WTF?? podcast

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  • Philosophy? WTF?? podcast

    Episode 150: Evil Special Part 3


    This week Danny reveals himself to be evil but only as a junior operative, queue jumping for sure but nothing truly irredeemable. Yes, we are back on the highway to hell but with the breaks on and in low gear. But what is evil? Are we talking about a psychological condition brought about by mass hysteria or the full goat headed, fire breathing, horn wearing, fork tailed son of a bitch? Do we ever actually see the monster or do we conjure it up from the dim dark recesses of our subconscious when in actual fact it’s just the shadows caused by the curtains rustling in the wind by an open window … and the strange faceless being staring at us with an eyeless face from across the street. Ok, you all stay here, I’m just going to take a look outside, I’ll only be a few minutes…
  • Philosophy? WTF?? podcast

    Episode 149: Evil Special Part 2


    This week, shiver in unbridled horror as Mike and Danny dig around amongst unholy things long buried and best forgotten. Join them as they stand shoulder to shoulder with Nietzsche shaking their fists at heaven with knees knocking and brows moist with sweat. Yes, this is the time when all decent people should be in their beds while the foul things of the earth prowl about recording podcasts which, when played backwards, are clearly summoning elder gods from beyond the veil. But is evil really as bad as it's made out to be? Is the term evil simply a convenient way of dismissing the will to power? After all, some of my best friends are evil, that doesn’t make them bad people, right? All this and Kant, cats and the moral imperative. Ph'nglui mglw'nafh Cthulhu R'lyeh wgah'nagl fhtagn - am I right?
  • Philosophy? WTF?? podcast

    Episode 148: Evil Special Part 1


    This week join us for the glorious return of Danny, mostly recovered but sadly converted to the cause of PURE EVIL! Yes, it’s that time of year once again when all the evil things in the word have sway - as if that is in anyway different from the rest of the year. Listen in to the Children of the Night as they cut that second, difficult, album. Is evil an entity a state of mind or the environment we create for ourselves? Is evil an external force that exists beyond us, is it present in our very subconscious or is it in the trees? Listen in with the covers pulled up to your chin and the lights on as we set out on the road to hell. All this and a Plato Vs Dracula grudge match, place your bets now folks.
  • Philosophy? WTF?? podcast

    Episode 147: Philosophy is Where You Find it! Part 6


    This week join Mike and Danny as they attempt to build a scale model of Danny from bits of information gleaned by rummaging through his bins during the hours of darkness. Is it possible to create an accurate scale model of the world using nothing but words and statistics? Develop a new found respect for data analytics as we identify Danny’s perfect partner by noting his preference for whisky, Wittgenstein and women and concluding from this that he is ideally paired with a drunken Scottish lady who likes to kick ladders away. Yes, it’s time to reduce the world and everything in it to convenient data sets for easy storage and eventual reconstitution via the inevitable replicator technology, or perhaps just to sell you stuff and make you easier to file. All this and Danny channeling Yoda towards the end of the cast - “All his life has he looked away to the future, to the horizon. Never his mind on where he was, What he was doing”. Makes you think, right?
  • Philosophy? WTF?? podcast

    Episode 146: Philosophy is Where You Find it! Part 5


    This week, who knows what’s going on because we certainly don’t. Danny has been struck down by the virus (he’s fine and recovering so don’t pander to him, he’s just looking for attention) and Mike can’t recall what they talked about when this cast was recorded. All we can say with any certainty is that the whole thing will be its usual mixture of insight and delight - which is more than most of use deserve. I think we talk about a couple of films, oh yes, and a book … or was it a cat? No, I remember now, we definitely discussed desserts … or was that deserts? Pretty sure it had sand in it somewhere…
  • Philosophy? WTF?? podcast

    Episode 145: Philosophy Is Where You Find It! Part 4


    This week join Mike and Danny as they get just what they deserve. Yes, who are you and what do you want? Is there an ontology behind consumerism? What do we need to own in order to be complete? Join us as we ride into town on the mule of philosophy and play what we deserve off against what we lack. Yes, it’s an anthropological showdown with everything to play for if we get caught. What are we being told about ourselves when the marketplace tells us what we need to be truly complete? If money can’t buy you happiness you don’t know how to shop, am I right?
  • Philosophy? WTF?? podcast

    Episode 144: Philosophy is Where You Find it! Part 3


    This week join us as Mike and Danny bunk off school to hide behind the bike sheds and talk lifestyles. Yes, you heard right, we’re bucking the system and biting the very hand that feeds us. Listen in mute disbelief as your two cheeky chappies from the lower 6th sass their teachers and serve up shade to their betters. What do you mean you don’t want to take your place in the market? You can’t fly kites and feed birds all day! Stay after school and write 1000 times “I must not question the status quo and mistake life style for career”. Yes, we are finding philosophy hidden away in the musty lockers and defaced text books of education. All this and Orson Wells - is Harry a bastard or a realist? We will meet you in the sewers of Vienna to find out.
  • Philosophy? WTF?? podcast

    Episode 143: Philosophy is Where You Find It! Part 2


    This week, join Mike and Danny as they delve into the depths of the fridge, behind the the milk, cheese and other fresh dairy products to rummage amongst the fetid remains of dinners past. Yes, stand amazed, and slightly nauseated as your two ragged philosophical gastronauts engage in the thinking persons equivalent of coming home late from the pub and prodding at dangerously out of date pizza in the hope that it is just this side of toxic. Is the best philosophy conducted by poking around at things that we find on our journey through life or do we need to invest heavily in primary texts and an expensive academic education? Are fried up leftovers just as satisfying a meal as an expensive 5 star tasting menu? Only you and your toilet will ever know for sure

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