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Perfume Philosophers


Misty, Karen, and Jon co-host a podcast about all things that smell good. Have a suggestion, question, or comment? Email us at

77 épisodes

  • Perfume Philosophers podcast

    Another trip to Chicago


    Misty & Jon take on the Windy City! Listen in as they talk about perfume shopping and keeping cool! email:
  • Perfume Philosophers podcast

    (We are not) Perfume Hacks


    Misty and Jon discuss some Tik Tok perfume hacks and how they perform. Side note: everyone is ok, no one died! email:
  • Perfume Philosophers podcast

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  • Perfume Philosophers podcast

    Random things


    No theme this week, just Misty and Jon catching up on a few new releases, Tik Tok trends, and ways to save on perfume. email:
  • Perfume Philosophers podcast

    Guess who blew into town? (pt2)


    Karen and Misty discuss some Chicago acquisitions...and speculate about Harry Styles' future! email:
  • Perfume Philosophers podcast

    Guess who blew into town? (pt1)


    Karen and Misty have been busy exploring the Windy City...but not too busy to sit down and discuss perfume! Listen to them discuss a BUNCH of Zara perfumes! email:
  • Perfume Philosophers podcast



    Listen in as Misty and Jon chat about the impending relaunch of Commodity Fragrances email:
  • Perfume Philosophers podcast

    ...make lemonade!


    Catch the exciting conclusion to our citrus chat, as Misty and Jon discuss the summertime Atelier Cologne offerings! Fisher-Price - Discover a World of Sounds email:
  • Perfume Philosophers podcast

    When life hands you lemons...


    ...limes, clementines, bergamots, oranges, grapefruits, and mandarins, then you turn them into perfume. Tune in as Misty and Jon meander through a citrus scented world! email:
  • Perfume Philosophers podcast

    Updates from Iowa


    Dispatch from Hawk country! Hear how Misty's first week in Iowa went, and what she found at the Bath and Bodyworks Semi-Annual Sale. email:
  • Perfume Philosophers podcast

    My own private...Iowa?


    Misty is traveling to Iowa! What perfumes is she taking? Listen in to find out! Go check out Ghost Ship Scentporium! email:

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