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Dr. Qasim Rafiq - Associate Professor of Cell and Gene Therapy Bioprocessing, University College London

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On episode nine of the Ori Spotlight Podcast we sat down with Qasim Rafiq, Associate Professor of Cell and Gene Therapy Bioprocessing at University College London, and Thomas Heathman, Ori's Vice President of Commercial Operations.

Qasim leads the world first MSc in Manufacturing and Commercialization of Stem Cell and Gene Therapies, and was named as one of the top 20 influential and inspirational individuals in Advanced Medicine for 2020 by The Medicine Maker.

Together, we explore one of the most significant factors affecting the high costs of CGT: the industry's ongoing talent shortage. They discuss how the problem should be addressed, bringing together academic institutions with CGT organizations to identify the evolving expertise required, not just across scientific and clinical research teams but also in digital and technology disciplines.

Learn more about Dr. Qasim Rafiq| https://www.linkedin.com/in/qrafiq/?originalSubdomain=uk

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