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The Order 66 Podcast Episode 127 - The Search for Captain Pinache

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This episode, the Order 66 Podcast returns to take a long-overdue look at the sourcebook, Allies and Adversaries! And to help us navigate the waters of this particular title, we’re welcoming two special guest hosts to the show. The first is the amazing Tim Huckelbery, RPG Producer at Fantasy Flight Games. The second is an FFG Freelancer and quite familiar voice, serving as guest, instead of host, our own GM Phil Maiewski! Together, we dive into Allies and Adversaries, answer questions galore, and explore this mythical tome. We finish with a massive 45 minute post-show discussion all about The Mandalorian.

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    The Order 66 Podcast Episode 137 - Ebb Your Flow


    The Order 66 Podcast is back at you with a return to our classic The Force Will Be With You segment where we deep dive into a specific force power. This episode, by listener request, we tackle one of the most versatile and potent powers: Ebb / Flow. Not only do we discuss the RP aspects and game mechanics of this often underestimated force option, but we also dive into how both players and GMs can make the best use of Ebb / Flow at their tables. We also return to the dark-shrouded halls of When Good Games Go Bad with a question from a GM dealing with wallflower players, and answer a couple of burning listener questions about competing narrative player actions and about utilizing cross-core careers in conjunction.
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    The Order 66 Podcast Episode 136 - Toil and Trouble


    Double, Double, Toil and Trouble, Lightsabers Burn and Sith Lords Bubble! The Order 66 Podcast stirs the old cauldron in this episode to brew up a fresh episode devoted to the full ins and outs of Sith Alchemy (or just Alchemy) in your games. From the various Alchemical Potion and Talisman recipes in the rules, through to a full crafting guide, and then how to properly and most enjoyably add Alchemy into your own games, from both a player and GM perspective. We also return to dingy shelves of Watto’s Black Market with a related and requested dive into the Potion of Wills and some crazy campaign ideas. And finally, we tackle some long awaited and deep listener questions about how to confront a GM with a tough rules call, and expanding and reworking a house-rule about calling on the Dark Side of the Force.
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    The Order 66 Podcast Episode 135 - The Rise of Starship Combat


    The Order 66 Podcast returns with a massive episode that sees a unique return to the vehicle and starship combat mechanics of Star Wars - done in a completely different system. For this special episode, the hosts welcome special guest GM Hooly, as we spend three hours focusing on the upscaled narrative dice mechanics of vehicle combat in the successor system to Star Wars: the Genesys Roleplaying game. By listener request, we dive into just what the differences between the two systems are, and what about the Genesys vehicle ruleset make starship combat faster, more engaging, simpler, and more fun at the table. We go step by step to walk you through the conversion process to include these amazing mechanics into your Star Wars games, and even put it all into practice with an hour-long live starship encounter on the air, using the Genesys vehicle rules. This episode was months in the making, with a lot of research, planning, and much playtesting. We hope you all enjoy it as much as we did!
  • Order 66 Podcast podcast

    The Order 66 Podcast Episode 134 - I Have Spoken


    Welcome to PART 2 of the Order 66 Podcast annual holiday special, where we have an unplanned and off the cuff Star Wars discussion. Joined by stellar guests, GM Hooly and Keith Kappel, we continue our frothing banter about The Mandalorian. We go deep into episode-by-episode discussion of Season 2, and speculate on the future of the franchise, and what the coming years will bring! A big thank you to Hooly and Keith for taking so much of their time to jabber with us for over four and a half hours in this crazy conglomeration of gab. And we hope you listeners enjoy it as much as we did.
  • Order 66 Podcast podcast

    The Order 66 Podcast Episode 133 - This is the Way


    Join us for PART 1 of the Order 66 Podcast annual holiday tradition of throwing show notes out the window and waxing poetic about the latest Star Wars cinematic release! But as we HAVE no cinematic release this year, we’re doing the next best thing with an off the cuff deep exposition around and exploring The Mandalorian! We welcome guests GM Hooly and Keith Kappel to be our Mando guides as we talk about this groundbreaking show, its impact on the Fandom, and its impact on our games. In this first part of the discussion, we banter on for nearly an hour about the newly announced forthcoming Star Wars offerings and what it all might mean, before charging headlong into The Mandalorian, Season 1. Be sure to tune in to the second half of this crazy round table in the next episode!
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    The Order 66 Podcast Episode 132 - Force Around and Find Out


    The Order 66 Podcast follows up our deep dive into the new careers of Rise of the Separatists and Collapse of the Republic with a detailed examination of the Jedi career and its varied specializations. In this lengthy discussion, GM Chris and GM Phil talk about playing and running Jedi in the Clone Wars era, using this unique and incredible career as a touchstone for one of the most fan-loved eras of Star Wars. How to progress, how to excel, and what to avoid. We cap off that talk with a highly topical return to When Good Games Go Bad, and a listener with the classic Jedi Paladin conundrum at the table. Then we answer a couple of listener questions detailing the build of everyone’s new favorite Mandalorian, Din Djarin, and how physician’s kits and self treatment work from a difficulty standpoint.
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    The Order 66 Podcast Episode 131 - Sam's Withering Gaze


    On this episode, the Order 66 Podcasts indulges in our fevered Star Wars dreams of blasters, lightsabers, jetpacks, detonators, laminate armor, and all the cool TOYS that scream Star Wars. And we do so through the lens of the recently released Gadgets and Gear sourcebook, with some very special guests: the ENTIRE development team for the book! Joining us are the amazing Lex Dykema, Keith Kappel, and our very own Phil Maiewski, who are on hand to tell us all about the book, as well as answer a bevy of questions from both listeners and hosts. So join us for this very special episode as we review this amazing tome and dig into its mysteries and wonders.
  • Order 66 Podcast podcast

    The Order 66 Podcast Episode 130 - Brothers in Arms


    The Order 66 Podcast returns with a promised deep dive into the new Clone Soldier career detailed in Rise of the Separatists and Collapse of the Republic. GM Chris and GM Phil focus on the six specializations, what they mean in your games, and what separates them from each other; along with both player and GM advice on running clones in your games and how to best capture the narrative and mechanical feel of Clone Soldiers in a Clone Wars game. We also return to When Good Games Go Bad with some advice for a GM who has players over-scrutinizing every detail; and we answer listener questions about using Sith Alchemy, dealing with both small and large groups of players, and running an Imperial game.
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    The Order 66 Podcast Episode 129 - Fear and Loathing in Mos Eisley


    The Order 66 Podcast returns with a long overdue (and somewhat topical) episode devoted to Fear. The hosts explore not only the Fear Check mechanics in the game, but how they are commonly underused, overused, and misused; and how both players and GMs can capture one of the most impactful and inherent parts of Star Wars storytelling properly at their tables. We also answer some listener questions, and explore a tricky listener quandary in When Good Games Go Bad. After such a long hiatus, Chris and Phil also pull out a 40 minute post-show that heavily revisits The Mandalorian, exciting hopes for Star Wars, and gaming life in the COVID world.
  • Order 66 Podcast podcast

    The Order 66 Podcast Episode 128 - The Force Quadrad


    A saga-length episode awaits you as the Order 66 Podcast sees the return of all four regular hosts who have graced our airwaves over the last eleven years. GM Chris, GM Phil, GM Dave, and Twi’lek Goodness all return for a massive dive and deep discussion of the recently released Star Wars Episode IX: The Rise of Skywalker. For well over three hours we banter on as only we can, dissecting the film. We talk about what we loved, what we hated, and what it all means - as the hosts grow increasingly more inebriated throughout the show. A fun time, and a wild ride. Want to know what we thought of Episode IX? We don’t hold back.

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