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Once Upon A Food Story

Elise Museles

Once upon a time, your experiences and beliefs lead to the relationship you have with food today. Your host, Elise Museles, eating psychology and nutrition expert, calls that your food story: Your thoughts about food and the words you say to yourself about food, either aloud, or privately inside your mind. If you’ve ever felt stressed, overwhelmed, or frustrated by eating and diet culture, and if you’re looking for a safe space to have honest conversations—you’re in the right place! Tune in each week for raw and real discussions as doctors, nutritionists, life coaches, and change-makers share their personal stories of struggle to strength and how they emerged happier and healthier today. Get ready to feel connected, empowered, and inspired as we rewrite our food stories together, one episode at a time!

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  • Once Upon A Food Story podcast

    Mindset Shifts To Improve Your Relationship To Food with Karen Salmansohn


    What would you hear if you eavesdropped on your brain? Are the stories you tell yourself supportive and loving or disempowering and keeping you stuck in old patterns that no longer serve you? Once you’re aware of your internal dialogue, you can identify the words you are saying to yourself—and change your inner narrative if it’s making you feel stressed about food, unhappy with your body, and frustrated, and powerless to change your life. Karen Salmansohn, bestselling author and creator of the popular online platform notsalmon.com, is no stranger to negative self-talk. She dives deep into her journey with emotional eating and lack of self-love, and how becoming a mom helped her kickstart a new chapter in her food story. As she uncovered the roots of her challenges, Karen developed tools, phrases, and questions infused with humor and wisdom to help her shift her internal dialogue and release the unhealthy patterns that no longer served her. Now after healing herself, Karen has already empowered millions of people to bloom into their happiest, highest potential self. Through her playful analogies and ability to distill big ideas in a fun way, Karen’s science-backed research and personal experiences will inspire you to rethink the conversations you have inside your own mind. In this episode, you’ll learn: How to uncover the root cause of your eating challenges Ways to become present and interrupt negative thoughts The power of understanding your “why” An easy-to-use tip to disrupt an unhealthy pattern Two harmful words to release from your vocabulary The science-backed explanation of why humor is an essential nutrient How to make happiness last Content note: Brief mention of a past sexual assault. For complete show notes, click here. Podcast Partner: JOYA  use code ELISEM15 for 15% off your order! Learn more about Karen Salmansohn: NotSalmon.com Instagram: @NotSalmon Facebook: @NotSalmon Instant Wall Art: 20 Framable Pieces of Art for a Happier Home or Office Learn More about Elise Museles: elisemuseles.com Food Story: Rewrite the Way You, Eat, Think, and Live Instagram: @kaleandchocolate Facebook: @kaleandchocolate Resources: Fun is your high-performance fuel: Karen Salmansohn at TEDx
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    How Your Cultural Heritage Influences Your Food Story with Shanika Graham-White


    Food can evoke powerful memories and feelings.  We all have dishes that remind us of a particular time and place, and eating that meal transports us back there. Maybe you gravitate to certain smells or flavors because they bring you to somewhere familiar or comforting.  We’re talking about how your roots influence your food story when it comes to cooking and eating. Specifically, how do these foods make you feel? How can you stay true to all of those parts of your story that make you who you are and embrace and adapt them in a way that feels good to you today? Shanika Graham-White shares how her southern upbringing and Jamaican heritage are a part of her flavorful creations from her kitchen. While she doesn’t come from a line of cooks, one of the main ways that her family often came together was through food, music, and laughter.  Today, Shanika is a food stylist and recipe developer whose blog, Orchids + Sweet Tea, is a go-to source for comfort food and sweets with a healthy twist. She creates dairy-free, gluten-free, and vegan versions of your old and new favorites that you can find on her blog and in her cookbook, Orchids + Sweet Tea: Plant-Forward Recipes with Jamaican Flavor & Southern Charm. One more thing: You’re likely to get VERY hungry listening to our engaging and lively conversation. You’ve been warned! In this episode, you’ll learn: How to appreciate the food culture you were exposed to as a child  Sustainable ways to transition into a healthier lifestyle  Tips to talk to kids who are picky eaters  An easy approach to adapt your favorite comfort foods for a healthier spin  When to go for the real deal and not try to “healthify” a recipe One piece of advice that will help you feel in alignment with your true self You’ll be inspired to think about how your own roots have shaped your tastes and your experience around food, and how you can embrace those parts today. For complete show notes, click here. Podcast Partner: Pique Tea Use code ELISEM for a discount on your order! Learn more about Shanika Graham-White: Orchids + Sweet Tea Instagram: @OrchidsNSweetTea_ Facebook: @OrchidsNSweetTea Orchids & Sweet Tea: Plant-Forward Recipes with Jamaican Flavor & Southern Charm Available October 26, 2021 Learn More about Elise Museles: elisemuseles.com Instagram: @kaleandchocolate Facebook: @kaleandchocolate Resources: Classic Southern Banana Pudding
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  • Once Upon A Food Story podcast

    How To Live Your Truth and Not Let Your Past Define You with Andrea Owen


    How do you acknowledge your past without letting it define you?   We all have beliefs, wounds, and traumas (big and small) from our childhoods and families of origin that can impact our thoughts and actions in ways we might not even realize.   Your story has been unfolding your whole life, absorbing messages from all around you that created patterns that influence your daily thoughts and behaviors–around food and in your other daily decisions–for better or worse.   Moving forward from limiting beliefs and old patterns and becoming your most authentic self takes understanding, awareness, and what best-selling author, speaker and life coach Andrea Owen calls “unlearning.”   Andrea explains how she healed herself from her eating issues, addiction, codependency, trauma, and other struggles that defined her past through a life-changing process of “unlearning.” This enabled her to become the confident, powerful, wildly successful woman she is today. Now, Andrea shares that knowledge far and wide to empower women to maximize their confidence, master resilience, and step into their power.   In this episode, you’ll learn:   Ways to recognize your physical response to fear, shame, and other triggers How our culture can feed overidentification and obsessing over behaviors rather than working to change them The four steps of “unlearning” beliefs and behaviors that don’t align with your authentic self A pivotal question to ask yourself that can shift your perspective   You’ll feel inspired to release what no longer serves you and create a life that fulfills your true desires and needs.   For complete show notes, click here.   Podcast Partner: Pique Tea Use code ELISEM for a discount on your order!   Learn more about Andrea Owen:   AndreaOwen.com Make Some Noise: Speak Your Mind and Own Your Strength Make Some Noise Bonus Materials Make Some Noise Podcast Instagram: @HeyAndreaOwen Facebook: @yourkickasslife Twitter: @Andrea_owen Follow Andrea on YouTube Follow Andrea on Pinterest   Learn More about Elise Museles: elisemuseles.com Instagram: @kaleandchocolate Facebook: @kaleandchocolate   Resources: The Body Keeps the Score, Bessel Van Der Kolk, MD Dr. Brené Brown Health at Every Size, Linda Bacon
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    How to Live an Anticancer Lifestyle with Meg Hirshberg


    When we think of cancer prevention (or any chronic illness), we immediately focus on nutrition, exercise, and sleep. While all of these pieces of the wellness equation are essential, managing our mindset is also key when it comes to making sustainable lifestyle shifts.   Meg Hirshberg, founder of the Anticancer Lifestyle Program, knows firsthand that what happens in our minds is foundational for creating habits and mindsets that help our bodies, prevent and recover from disease.   Her journey with breast cancer taught her how to take better care of her mind and body while learning that she didn’t need to be 100% perfect along the way. She realized that the self-imposed pressure to eat, move, rest, and think “perfectly” was getting in the way of true healing and that having realistic expectations goes a long way in prevention, even with cancer.   Meg believes that in order for lifestyle changes to stick, they have to be sustainable and doable. We need to allow for the celebrations (cake included!) and the times when life gets in the way and we veer off course.   By letting yourself be human, you can create a long-term lifestyle, so that you can become your strongest, most resilient self.   In this episode, you’ll learn:   The best approach to eating for an anticancer lifestyle Easy ways to recenter in stressful times Why deprivation never works (HINT: It backfires) A simple inspirational tool to motivate you to exercise Why mindset sets the foundation for an anticancer lifestyle How negative self-talk impacts your health and what works instead   You’ll feel inspired to become more proactive with your overall well-being from what you’re eating to how you’re thinking…  and everything in between.   Podcast Partner: Pique Tea Use code ELISEM for a discount on your order!   Learn more about Meg Hershberg:   Anticancer Lifestyle Program Facebook: @AnticancerLifestyleFoundation Instagram: @AnticancerLifestyle Twitter: @anticancer New Free E-Book: The Healthy Kitchen: Reducing Toxins and Chemical Exposures   Learn More about Elise Museles:   elisemuseles.com Instagram: @kaleandchocolate Facebook: @kaleandchocolate   Resources: Mindset and Cancer: Reducing Stress, Promoting a Healthy Lifestyle Anticancer: A New Way of Life, David Servan-Schreiber Anti-Inflammatory Diet ebook Plant-Based Meats and Milk ebook Non-Toxic Nursery ebook Diet for a Small Planet, Frances Moore Lappé The Unsettling of America: Culture & Agriculture, Wendell Berry Sugar Blues, William Dufty
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    How to Make Your Food Story a Love Story with Dana Rizer


    Do you wish your food story was more of a love story?   No matter how you grew up or what your struggles have been, you have the power to pick up the pen and write a new chapter.   Even if this sounds daunting or impossible: start to envision it. How do you want to feel while grocery shopping, cooking, sitting at the table, or celebrating a special occasion? What are you eating? How are you talking to yourself?    Imagine feeling comfortable, confident, and connected around food and all the experiences you have with it.    Writing a love story with food starts by understanding your past memories, unraveling your limiting beliefs, and reconnecting to your body and its innate wisdom.   Dana Rizer was fortunate enough to grow up with a family that created positive, joyful food memories for her. Her upbringing laid the foundation for her lifelong passion for cultivating fulfilling experiences around food for herself and others.    As a certified holistic chef and the Executive Director at FEAST, a non-profit dedicated to promoting wellness and enriching lives through the power of healthy food and human connection, Dana is on a mission to bring people together through practices that nourish our bodies, minds, and hearts.   In this episode, you’ll learn:   How to stop judging your behaviors around food and become compassionate instead  The four forms of hunger and how to honor (and satisfy!) them Simple, sustainable ways to create a mind-body connection What your cravings really mean Tips for making mealtimes fun, meaningful, and memorable   You’ll feel empowered to turn the page, begin a new chapter, and find nourishment on a deep soul level.   For complete show notes, click here.   Podcast Partner: JOYÀ Use code ELISEM15 for 15% of your order!   Learn more about Dana Rizer:   DanaRizer.com Feast for All Instagram: @dana_rizer, @feast_for_all   Learn More about Elise Museles:   elisemuseles.com Instagram: @kaleandchocolate Facebook: @kaleandchocolate   Resources:   The Omnivore’s Dilemma, Michael Pollan Diet for a Small Planet, Frances Moore Lappé
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    How to Turn Down the Food Noise and Listen to Your Body with Emily Monaco


    Food noise is everywhere.   From articles and advertisements for the latest “superfood,” documentaries, and conflicting reports about new diet research, to fad diets promising bikini bodies, food noise is the ever-present background noise that keeps you from really tuning into your body and hearing what it needs to feel nourished.   Food noise has been programmed into your subconscious mind and can shift the conversation inside your head. And now it pops up in your daily life disguised as a list of  “shoulds” or restrictions that may be accompanied by a side of guilt!   Food noise affects your choices, your habits, your self-esteem, and even reinforces some of your limiting beliefs. The daily noise can become a loud chorus that confuses and even disempowers you.   Here’s the good news: while you can’t avoid being exposed to food noise, you can choose how you respond to it and let it impact you.   Emily Monaco is an American journalist living in France who writes about the current research and hottest trends in health and wellness. After years of trying all sorts of different "healthy" diets, from low-cal to low-carb to vegetarian to vegan to paleo, Emily found what works for her – without labels or a long list of rigid rules.   Emily shares how she is able to take in the different experts’ opinions without automatically thinking that she has to revamp her entire way of eating. Even though she’s curious about the latest findings, she stays aware of how she is feeling so that she doesn’t get swept up in someone else’s version of what works.   In this episode, you’ll learn:   How even well-intentioned messages about food from childhood can impact your mindset and habits The French alternative to American extremes of overindulgence and restriction Why slowing down at meals is healing and essential How to create an abundance mindset when preparing and eating your meals Ways to support yourself around food when you’re stressed or anxious The one habit that can help you listen to your body   As you listen to this conversation, think about where food noise shows up for you, and how you can turn down the volume so that you can make choices that feel good to you!   For complete show notes, click here   Podcast Partner: JOYÀ Use code ELISEM15 for 15% of your order!   Learn more about Emily Monaco:   EmilyMMonaco.com Tomato Kumato Paris By Mouth Twitter: @emily_in_france “My Diet Doesn’t Have a Catch-All Name, but It’s the Healthiest I’ve Ever Felt”   Learn More about Elise Museles:   elisemuseles.com Instagram: @kaleandchocolate Facebook: @kaleandchocolate
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    How to Nourish Your Brain for Better Mental Health with Dr. Drew Ramsey


    Have you ever noticed the ways food impacts how you feel, not just physically but mentally as well?   The latest advances and research in neuroscience now confirm that certain foods such as fruits, greens, nuts, seeds, seafood, healthy fats (and dark chocolate!) can help us stay motivated and upbeat while others, such as processed foods and refined sugar, can drag us down and dampen our spirits.   Dr. Drew Ramsey is a pioneer in the emerging field of Nutritional Psychiatry and one of the most influential voices on using food to support our mental well-being. As the founder of the Brain Food Clinic and author of Eat To Beat Depression and Anxiety, he believes that every time we sit down to eat, we have an opportunity to put our brain in “grow mode,” feed our microbiome and foster optimal brain health.   With depression and anxiety disorders affecting more than fifty-eight million people in the United States alone, we need to think about our mental health just as much as we think about our physical health. Dr. Ramsey not only delivers the most cutting edge-science and actionable tips to nourish your brain for your mental fitness, but his empowering approach also makes it flexible, customizable, and even fun.   You’ll feel inspired to take care of your most important organ and put your brain on a pedestal where it belongs. (It’s just what the doctor ordered!)   In this episode, you’ll learn:   How to honor your emotions and your nervous system, especially during transitional times The different food categories and ingredients to achieve greater mental health Myths and facts about seafood and why DHA and Omega-3 fats are so important for brain health Why BDNF is essential and how to eat to support it What a Nutritional Psychiatrist eats in a day for optimal brain health How to feel in alignment with your food values while nourishing your brain   For complete show notes, click here.   Learn more about Dr. Drew Ramsey:   DrewRamseyMD.com Instagram: @drewramseymd Eat to Beat Depression and Anxiety: Nourish Your Way to Better Mental Health in Six Weeks Antidepressant Foods: An Evidence-Based Nutrient Profiling System for Depression, Drew Ramsey, Laura LaChance Eat to Beat Depression e-course (code kaleandchocolate15 for discount) Clinician Training in Nutritional Psychiatry   Learn More about Elise Museles:   elisemuseles.com Instagram: @kaleandchocolate Facebook: @kaleandchocolate
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    How Your Family Origins Influence Your Food Story with Robert Sturman


    Even though your food story has been unfolding your whole life, chances are you haven’t paused to really think about the origins of your habits, challenges, and beliefs. Whether you’re conscious of it or not, your past created a blueprint that influences your daily decisions—for better or worse!   Sometimes we don’t even realize that we have a stored memory, emotion, or experience that is impacting us in such a profound way.   But the food memories you share with your siblings and family members, and the family culture that formed them play out in the choices we make about food today.   What would happen if you checked in with your siblings or family members about your food stories?   When you talk about your experiences together and reflect on what happened, even a long time ago, you can see the past with a fresh set of eyes and understand why you believe certain things or behave in a particular way.   Elise’s brother, Robert Sturman, joins her for a very special and candid conversation about their shared history, their family dinner table, and how their sometimes differing memories and experiences shaped their food stories.   Now an internationally celebrated photographer who has served as the Official Artist of the 47th Annual Grammy Awards, Robert delves into some pivotal moments about his food story that affected his life and creativity as an artist.   You’ll be inspired to discuss your food story with your own family members...so you can revisit the past and rewrite the parts that no longer serve you.   In this episode, you’ll learn: How to engage with your siblings or family members about your family food story A simple framework for helping everyone feel seen and heard in tough conversations Ways parents’ food stories can impact their children Some foods that can negatively impact mood How birth order and gender dynamics can affect your relationship to food What it means to say “yes” to yourself   Podcast Partner: Nuzest. Use the code elisem20 to receive 20% off!   Learn more about Robert Sturman:   Robert Sturman Studio Instagram: @robertsturman Facebook: @Artist.Photografia Photography Workshop   Learn More about Elise Museles:   elisemuseles.com Instagram: @kaleandchocolate Facebook: @kaleandchocolate
  • Once Upon A Food Story podcast

    How to Boost Your Brain and Body Using Essential Oils with Jodi Cohen


    What do essential oils have to do with your food story? How can dabbing a drop of oil impact your overall wellbeing?   You will be surprised that they can do A LOT more than just smell nice! Essential oils can be powerful allies in calming anxiety, improving sleep, enhancing mood, reducing inflammation, and so much more.   Jodi Cohen, bestselling author and founder of Vibrant Blue Oils, was struggling with low energy, autoimmune issues, and barely able to get out of bed when she began experimenting with essential oils. She couldn’t believe it when the right combination of oils had her almost instantly feeling like herself again.   From her own experience, she realized that these natural plant oils enabled her to shift into an optimal state so that she could heal her anxiety, insomnia, and autoimmunity. She then started creating unique blends and applying them on herself and sharing them with others.   After witnessing the life-changing impact of these oils, she created a 5 step protocol to address the underlying energy drains that afflict most people. Now, Jodi dedicates her expertise to help hundreds of thousands of people use essential oils to restore balance and vastly improve their quality of life.   In this episode, you’ll learn: How essential oils work through olfactory and skin absorption Why you want to be in a parasympathetic state for optimal healing How to use essential oils to stimulate your vagus nerve and support the connection between the brain and body The difference between calming and stimulating oils A science-backed explanation of how essential oils can help your body restore balance Simple ways to calm anxiety and support your adrenal glands   You’ll feel empowered to start your own essential oils regimen and be on your way to a healthier body and brain!   Podcast Partner: Nuzest. Use the code elisem20 to receive 20% off!   Learn more about Jodi Cohen:   Essential Oils to Boost the Brain and Heal the Body, Jodi Cohen FREE bonus chapter Vibrant Blue Oils Facebook: @VibrantBlueOils Pinterest: @VibrantBlueOils Twitter: @VibrantBlueOils Instagram: @VibrantBlueOils   Learn More about Elise Museles:   elisemuseles.com Instagram: @kaleandchocolate Facebook: @kaleandchocolate
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    How to Create a Healthy Food Story for Your Children with Alex Caspero of Plant-Based Juniors


    Imagine sitting down to eat with your family and meals are easy, nourishing, and stress-free!   There is so much confusion around nutrition as adults and when it comes to feeding our kids, it can be even more anxiety-provoking. For many families, mealtime can be stressful. But it doesn’t have to be that way!    According to registered dietitian nutritionist and creator of the award-winning website Delish Knowledge, Alexandra Caspero believes you can bring joy back to the family table and teach your children what food is really about: nourishment, energy, connection, and love.   Alex is also the co-founder, with Whitney English, of Plant-Based Juniors, an evidence-based platform that helps parents navigate the world of plant-based prenatal and pediatric nutrition. Together, they’re on a mission not only to help parents understand the science behind feeding their children the best diet possible but also to make mealtime fun.   In this episode, you’ll learn:   Easy ways to get more plants on the plate How to let go of perfection and trust your body during pregnancy Some common myths and concerns about plant-based diets for children A plate model that helps kids get the nutrients they need  Exactly how to deal with the challenges of a picky eaters A non-restrictive way to handle sweets and treats Why a big picture overview of nutrition will help you navigate the day-to-day   You’ll feel comfortable and confident making informed decisions to create a healthy (and happy) food story for your children!   For complete show notes, click here.   Podcast Partner: Nuzest. Use the code elisem20 to receive 20% off!   Alex Caspero:   Delish Knowledge Plant-Based Juniors   Elise Museles:   elisemuseles.com   Resources:   The Plant-Based Baby and Toddler: Your Complete Feeding Guide for 6 Months to 3 Years, Alexandra Caspero and Whitney English

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