On My Mind with Meghan Telpner podcast

Ep 23: Busy is not a Badge of Honour and Other Business Lessons

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Here is a written version and references: https://www.meghantelpner.com/blog/busy-is-not-a-badge-of-honour/ 

Meghan's Life Changing New Program: https://www.meghantelpner.com/theprogram/

When I started my business in 2008, I never imagined I'd be where I am today. My business has evolved right alongside my personal endeavours as my priorities continue to be shaped by the life I am living.

I cook, I research, I write, I experiment, and with that, I aim to lead and to share. That is the core of my business.

In this episode of On My Mind, I'm sharing some fundamental business lessons I've learned along the way. From showing up as a professional to scrapping the badge of busyness to seeing projects through and more, these are the principles I use daily.

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