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The Shannon Rollason Podcast Episode 46 - Sprint Revolution???

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Welcome to The Shannon Rollason Podcast, a swimming podcast like no other.

The Shannon Rollason Podcast is back in 2023 and on a new home here on the Off The Blocks Swimming Podcast network.

This week Shannon and I discuss Sprint training and comments made this week about swimming Australia's TID 2km time trial. Does it still have a place? What does Shannon think?

We discuss the importance of still developing swimmers capacities as they are developing, and when it is appropriate to look at doing sprint based training only for athletes

Also this week it was reported of NSW Swimming's plan to develop the Sutherland Leisure Centre into another Performance Hub for the State. What does this mean? Is it a good plan? Shannon talks to us about his experiences with performance hubs from all over the world, and how he thinks it can best work.


A lot to get through, and sure to get people talking. Don't miss this weeks episode

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