NEXT NORMAL: Re-imagining Capitalism for Our Future podcast

NEXT NORMAL: Re-imagining Capitalism for Our Future

Amit Bouri

Are you ready for the ‘next normal’? Join us as we re-imagine capitalism and explore the ways that money can do so much more than just make more money! We believe finance can be a force for good: helping tackle our biggest global challenges – like inequality and the climate emergency – while honoring the role of all stakeholders. Hosted by Amit Bouri, the Co-Founder and CEO of the Global Impact Investing Network, we are uncovering the path toward a transformed future with the most respected thinkers and the freshest voices on the topic – the leaders who will keep you one step ahead of our ‘next normal.’

10 épisodes

  • NEXT NORMAL: Re-imagining Capitalism for Our Future podcast

    Pushing for Equity & Opportunity in the “Invisible Economy” with Ai-jen Poo


    In this tenth episode of Next Normal, Amit is joined by the guest most frequently recommended by other Next Normal guests, Ai-jen Poo. Ai-jen is the co-founder and Executive Director of the National Domestic Workers Alliance, a leading non-profit dedicated to bringing dignity to workers in the “care economy.” In this episode, Ai-jen reflects on experiences in her own life that inspire her work to ensure “every worker in care economy earns a living wage with real economic security and opportunity.” She discusses the “invisible economy” that has served as a lifeline during the pandemic and connects care workers’ challenges to obstacles faced by other largely unseen and under-appreciated workers globally. As we strive to re-imagine the future of our economic system, Ai-jen suggests that the world turn its attention to the “original gig economy workers”— domestic workers.
  • NEXT NORMAL: Re-imagining Capitalism for Our Future podcast

    “The Most Consequential Decade in Humanity’s History” with Kumi Naidoo


    This inspiring, must-listen new episode of Next Normal highlights the visionary thinking of South African leader, Kumi Naidoo. Naidoo is a life-long campaigner for human rights, social justice, and our environment – all issues that intersect with our global economic system. In his conversation with Amit, Kumi paints a compelling portrait of his early work as an anti-apartheid activist and describes how that activism still guides his work today. He tells Amit why he thinks the worst disease the world presently faces is not COVID-19 but “affluenza,” and he offers an urgent call-to-action for systemic change as we enter “the most consequential decade in humanity’s history.”
  • NEXT NORMAL: Re-imagining Capitalism for Our Future podcast

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  • NEXT NORMAL: Re-imagining Capitalism for Our Future podcast

    Beyond Economic Growth: Prioritizing Well-Being of People and Planet with Hans Stegeman


    In this newest edition of Next Normal, Hans Stegeman offers Amit captivating insight into his vision of a global economic system that centers the well-being of people and planet. As Chief Investment Strategist at Triodos Investment Management, Stegeman guards the central role of positive impact and sustainability in everything his firm does. In this conversation, he highlights his prediction about “the biggest investment conversation” in the coming years and reveals to Amit the specific areas where he sees the greatest global traction for re-imagined capitalism. Stegeman is convinced that an economic system better aligned with the natural world will also be a happier, healthier system for all people: “One part of a sustainable future is also a more relaxed society.”
  • NEXT NORMAL: Re-imagining Capitalism for Our Future podcast

    Changing Narratives and Changing the World with Holly Gordon


    In this compelling seventh episode, we explore an increasingly vital pathway toward our “next normal”: narrative change. Amit is joined by Holly Gordon, the Chief Impact Officer at Participant Media. Participant is the leading media company dedicated to creating entertainment that inspires audiences to engage in positive social change, known for films like Spotlight, An Inconvenient Truth, and Judas and the Black Messiah. Holly discusses the way that journalism first opened her eyes to the idea that she could “tell stories to close gaps of understanding.” In this episode, she describes the “dandelion effect” of powerful storytelling and the way that new narratives can unlock a sense of purpose among would-be change-makers. “Great stories can transform people from someone who is in their seat to someone who is in the street,” she says.
  • NEXT NORMAL: Re-imagining Capitalism for Our Future podcast

    Building a Regenerative Global Corporation with Marcelo Behar


    For our first episode of 2021, Amit welcomes one of the leading corporate pioneers charting the path toward the “next normal” in our global economic system. Marcelo Behar is Vice President of Sustainability and Group Affairs for the Brazilian cosmetics giant, Natura & Co. In this episode, Marcelo recounts the early origins of Natura & Co.’s environmental focus, describes the company’s new “Commitment to Life” sustainability vision, and offers a basic blueprint for other global corporations seeking to make an impact. Decisive action and new approaches put Marcelo and his team right at the center of the “next normal” conversation.
  • NEXT NORMAL: Re-imagining Capitalism for Our Future podcast

    Lessons from the Thunderbird with Carol Anne Hilton


    In this riveting new episode of Next Normal, Amit and his guest, Carol Anne Hilton, explore the ways that an indigenous worldview can inform a re-imagined and re-designed economic system. Carol Anne is a recognized First Nations business leader and the founder of the Indigenomics Institute. In this conversation, she explains how indigenous people and global minorities have been excluded from shaping society’s dominant understanding of “money, meaning, and metrics.” Carol Anne describes how an indigenous perspective guides her five fundamental directives for a new economy, and she recounts a powerful fable – the tale of the Thunderbird and the two-headed serpent – to reveal a fresh way of seeing the most vexing challenges of our time.
  • NEXT NORMAL: Re-imagining Capitalism for Our Future podcast

    A Capitalism Insider Calling for Change with Mike Kubzansky


    For this fourth episode of Next Normal, Amit is joined by a leading voice in the push toward a new economy, Mike Kubzansky. Mike is the CEO of Omidyar Network, a social change venture established by Pam and Pierre Omidyar, the founder of eBay. With that deep heritage in the tech world, Mike and his team are positioned as insiders in the world of markets and capitalism: “We are fundamentally capitalists, who do want to re-imagine capitalism.” In this episode, Mike guides us through the five pillars of change required to build a new economy.
  • NEXT NORMAL: Re-imagining Capitalism for Our Future podcast

    Systemic Inequality in Capitalism with Rodney Foxworth


    For the third edition of Next Normal, Amit guides a powerful and thought-provoking conversation with Rodney Foxworth, a community empowerment advocate and the CEO of Common Future. In this episode full of global implications, Rodney describes the ways that “we’ve designed inequality into the [capitalist] system.” Rodney and Amit dissect the complex intersections of race, economics, justice, and the American Dream in a context that is relevant to countries around the world.
  • NEXT NORMAL: Re-imagining Capitalism for Our Future podcast

    A World on Fire with Rebecca Henderson


    On this second edition of Next Normal, Amit is joined by Harvard Business School luminary Rebecca Henderson, author of the newly released Reimagining Capitalism in a World on Fire. Rebecca describes the structures – and the human emotions – that reinforce a version of capitalism that is “not delivering as it should,” and she details her vision for capitalism’s more inclusive, more sustainable potential. Together, Amit and Rebecca explore the urgent action needed to move toward that vision – and the ways that the COVID pandemic and fresh demands for racial justice are impacting the effort.
  • NEXT NORMAL: Re-imagining Capitalism for Our Future podcast

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