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Necronomicast covers the horror movies of Hollywood and the true events that inspire what we see in the darkened theater. With our late night conversations, we uncover the world of horror movies, the paranormal, cryptozoology, true crime, and beyond with film makers, actors, authors, and experts in the field.

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    Episode 213 "Cleanin' Up The Town-Remembering Ghostbusters"


    Tonight I welcome to the program, from England, the brother and sister filmmaking team of Anthony & Claire Bueno who have put together the ultimate documentary of the classic hit film "Ghostbusters"! "Cleanin' Up The Town-Remembering Ghostbusters" is more than just a documentary.  It plays like a love letter to the film that was an American pop culture force for decades and introduced a new generation to the world of the paranormal. Listen in as we discuss the stars in front of the camera as well as the incredible talent behind the camera that defied all odds to produce the classic that moviegoers love to this day. On the eve of the release of "Ghostbusters: Afterlife" go behind the scenes of the movie that started it all on this episode of the Necronomicast!
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    Episode 212 "Secrets of New Orleans Voodoo" with Bloody Mary


    Happy Halloween and welcome to this special episode of The Necronomicast featuring Bloody Mary! Born on the bayou, Bloody Mary was raised in the Crescent City. She grew up to be a profound priestess who also serves her hometown of New Orleans as a Culture bearer, tradition keeper or "Griot" as well as psychopomp (“guide of souls”) and ghost whisperer. Mary is a fearless enthusiast about her home town and all of its history, heritage and mysticism. She is a known publicly as Vodoo Queen, storyteller, celebrity historian, author, psychic medium, ghost hunter and owner of the famous Bloody Mary's Tours - an Avant-garde Boutique tour company for over 20 years. Bloody Mary is also the curator of the notorious Haunted Museum and Voodoo Pharmacy Spirit shop at 826 N. Rampart Street which receives international acclaim. You will see her on TV and cinema featured on hundreds of international documentaries about the other side of her hometown. See her and her famous haunted houses on Paranormal Lockdown, Buzzfeed Unsolved, Haunted History and Ghost Adventures... Check out her on TikTok and her YouTube channel too!​ Bloody Mary's Official Website  
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    Episode 211 "The Ghosts of Lincoln" with Alan Boye and Tayden Bundy


    My exploration of the "Haunted Heartland" continues during the month of October and you really get your money's worth with this episode as I welcome not one, but two fantastic authors. First, Alan Boye, author of "A Guide To The Ghosts Of Lincoln" joins me to discuss his classic landmark book.   First published in the early 1980s, the book was required reading for those interested in true ghost stories in the Nebraska area. Later in the program, I welcome author Tayden Bundy to chat about his new book "Beyond Lincoln" which is a tremendous collection of hauntings and their roots in history. Both authors are master writers and are at the top of their craft with these volumes.   No matter where you are in the world, these books are universal in their spine-tingling appeal! A Guide To The Ghosts Of Lincoln by Alan Boye Beyond Lincoln by Tayden Bundy The Music of Andrew Vogt (Additional Music:  "Benson Babylon" written by N. Barber, B. Corey, J. Dodson, S. Zimmerman) This episode and all the programming for this month of October is dedicated to the memory of "Coyote" Chris Sutton, a friend of the paranormal community who passed away last month.  Rest in peace, Chris.
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    Episode 210 "Answering The Call" with Ron Haskett


    October programming on the Necronomicast will feature personalities and stories unique to the "Haunted Heartland".  Tonight, I welcome paranormal investigator Ron Haskett to the program.  This interview was recorded on location, inside the Malvern Manor, in the darkness of the "shadow man hallway". Ron is featured in the documentary "Answering the Call" about his spiritual journey, his relationship with the infamous Malvern Manor, and the spirits who still occupy the historic haunted landmark.  Listen in as Ron recounts his journey that brought him halfway across the United States from the mountains of West Virginia to the cornfields of Nebraska. This episode and all the programming for the month of October is dedicated to the memory of "Coyote" Chris Sutton, a friend of the paranormal community who passed away last month.  Rest in peace, Chris. "Answering The Call" on YouTube For more information on the Malvern Manor  
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    Episode 209 "The Curse of Lizzie Borden" with Sam Baltrusis


    My guest tonight, for a late night conversation is author, historian, lecturer, and clairvoyant psychical investigator Sam Baltrusis. Sam has written over a dozen paranormal themed historical books and has appeared on multiple television shows.  Sam's work on the new Shock Doc “The Curse of Lizzie Borden”, now streaming on Discovery +, will be the focus of our conversation. We all know about the history of the Axe murders, but Sam will take us for an exclusive deep dive with behind the scenes details of their struggle with the evil encountered during the filming of that investigation.  "The Curse of Lizzie Borden" with Sam Baltrusis, on the Necronomicast! For more information, please visit:  
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    Episode 208 Tessa DelZoppo, Psychic Medium!


    My special guest tonight for a late night conversation is renowned psychic medium, Tessa DelZoppo! Ever since she was a young girl, she knew she was different and that she had a special gift… She went on to receive her Bachelor's degree in education and her Masters degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling. Her work as a medium overpowered what she could do in a clinical setting— so she decided to put her career aside and follow her passion as a medium relaying messages from the spirit world. Now she does it all, from private readings to paranormal work, criminal investigations involving missing persons and homicides...and talking to me on The Necronomicast! For more information on Tessa, please visit:
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    Episode 207 Ben Hansen "UFO Witness" and the search for truth!


    My guest tonight, for a late night conversation, is former federal agent, UFO researcher/historian, and main investigator on the hit TV show "UFO Witness", and the just released "Roswell:  The Final Verdict"...Ben Hansen. We will recount the major UFO cases covered indepth on his programming and discuss the interwoven UFO legends and accounts while looking for the true stories that are kept from public view. So join me and preeminent UFO expert, Ben Hansen, on this episode of The Necronomicast!  
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    Episode 206 "Murder Among The Mormons" with Tyler Measom


    My guest tonight, for a late night conversation, is award-winning producer and director, Tyler Measom. Tyler’s latest documentary, "Murder Among The Mormons” took the country by storm earlier this year on Netflix.  I am very excited to have him on to talk about making that film and the true story of the Salt Lake City bombings of 1985. Together, we are going to look for the truth in a world filled with lies and deception…. Heavy stuff, with my guest, Tyler Measom, on this episode of The Necronomicast! Tyler Measom Online
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    Episode 205 "Sharks: Monsters or Misunderstood?" with Dr. Mike Heithaus


    Shark Month on The Necronomicast continues with a "fintastic" conversation with one of the world's most respected experts on Sharks, Dr. Mike Heithaus! Dr. Mike Heithaus is dean of the College of Arts, Sciences & Education and Professor in the Department of Biological Sciences at Florida International University. He is a respected marine ecologist specializing in predator-prey interactions and the ecological importance of sharks and other large marine species. We will discuss famous shark attacks throughout history, the top 3 man-eaters, and the myths and mysteries of these majestic, misunderstood monsters of the deep! Dr. Mike is featured on two new shows making their debut on Nat Geo and Disney + this month as part of Shark Fest.   He is a frequent contributor on Shark Week programming as well.  You've seen him as a guest on the "Tonight Show", now take a deep breath and dive into my late night conversation with Dr. Mike Heithaus on THE NECRONOMICAST! More information on Dr. Mike Heithaus
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    Episode 204 "12 Days of Terror" with Dr. Richard Fernicola


    For tonight's late night conversation, we are going to take you back in time to July 1916.   It was a time when World War I loomed over America, New York City was in the midst of a deadly polio epidemic, and the tri-state area sought relief at the Jersey shore. The Atlantic’s refreshing waters proved to be dangerous, however. In just twelve days, four swimmers were violently and fatally mauled in separate shark attacks, and a fifth swimmer escaped an attack within inches of his life.  These horrific events would later inspire Peter Benchley to write "Jaws". In his thoroughly researched account, Dr. Richard Fernicola, the leading expert on the attacks, presents a riveting portrait, investigation, and scientific analysis of the terrifying days against the colorful backdrop of America in 1916 in Twelve Days of Terror. Buy the book here: "Twelve Days of Terror" on Amazon.  

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