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The Lowe Post: Porzingis Injury Fallout, Series Defining Stats, and Hurley Turns Down Lakers

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Zach and Steve Jones, Jr. of The Dunker Spot react to the news of Kristaps Porzingis' leg injury and what it could mean for the Mavericks and Celtics if he can't play in Game 3. Plus, Boston's commitment to driving the ball, ways for Dallas to crack the Celtics' defense, and Dan Hurley turns down the Lakers job. Entire series summed up in one stat (1:30) Boston's optionality on offense (5:31) Celtics are committed to driving the ball (9:49) Kristaps Porzingis has torn medial retinaculum allowing dislocation of the posterior tibialis tendon in his left leg (22:04) What changes if Porzingis can't play in Game 3? (24:21) Where can Dallas poke holes in Boston's defense? (37:13) More potential consequences if Porzingis can't play (43:14) Dan Hurley turns down Lakers' job (50:50) Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

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