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The Lowe Post: Giannis' Injury, Knicks-Celtics, Playoff Seeding Possibilities, and the MVP Race

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Zach asks injury expert Jeff Stotts about the extent of Giannis Antentokounmpo's injury and his potential recovery timetable. Then The Athletic's Mo Dakhil joins to discuss Knicks-Celtics, playoff seeding, and the MVP race. What will Giannis' recovery look like? (1:27) Dakhil (17:20) Does anything concern you about the Celtics? (21:03) Knicks are a joy to watch (24:26) Jrue Holiday extension (32:01) Bucks make a starting lineup change (36:34) Nuggets move into pole position in the West (45:12) MVP race is not over (51:45) West seeding possibilities (1:01:18) Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

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