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The Lowe Post: Embiid's Knee Injury, the Lakers, the Knicks, and the Most Interesting Trade Deadline Teams

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Zach talks about Joel Embiid's injury and what comes next with injury expert Jeff Stotts. Then ESPN's Chris Herring joins to discuss the Lakers beating Boston without Anthony Davis and LeBron, LeBron's cryptic tweets, Lakers options at trade deadline, Knicks recent play and Jalen Brunson, Boston's up-and-down last two weeks, and their most interesting trade deadline teams: Chicago, Oklahoma City, Brooklyn, Sacramento, Atlanta, the Clippers, more -- plus whether the more asset-poor contenders in Phoenix, Milwaukee, Denver, and Phoenix can pull off any deals. That and much more! Possible explanations for Embiid's meniscus (2:36) Thoughts on 65 games played threshold for MVP and other awards (12:49) Herring (20:12) LeBron's cryptic tweets and Lakers' approach to trade deadline (20:46) What will and should the Bulls do? (38:45) Celtics have been a bit wobbly lately (45:56) Knicks offense with OG Anunoby (50:21) Brunson is a star (54:31) How will Knicks act at deadline? (58:48) Rapid fire on other teams ahead of the deadline (1:07:10) Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

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