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The Lowe Post: ANT's Brilliance, Fake Durant Trades, Clips-Mavs, and a Knicks-Sixers Deep Dive

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Zach and ESPN's Bobby Marks discuss Anthony Edwards' brilliance in Minnesota's sweep of Phoenix, the potential fallout for the Suns, fake Kevin Durant trades, Clippers-Mavericks and Kawhi Leonard's injury, the pressure on Cleveland in Cavs-Magic, the stakes for the Sixers and Bucks behind 3-1, and much more. Then Fred Katz of The Athletic joins for a deep dive on Knicks-Sixers, New York's future plans, Pacers-Bucks, and more.  Phoenix post mortem (11:30) How the Durant trade hamstrung Phoenix (14:11) Fake Durant trade (19:18) Durant's legacy (27:45) Clippers-Mavericks (33:33) Cavs-Magic (44:17) Sixers and Bucks on the brink (51:37) Katz (1:06:36) Game 5 adjustments (1:12:20) Brunson's Game 4 masterpiece (1:16:44) Injury updates (1:27:22) Bucks-Pacers (1:31:42) Knicks' future plans (1:36:41) Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

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