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Will you be paying for electric on campsites?

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This week we're back at Petruth Paddocks to investigate something new appearing in campsites across the UK: Pay-as-you-go hookup meters. These systems are changing the camping experience by requiring campers to pay for their electricity usage on top of their pitch fee. But is this a fair distribution of costs or just another way to squeeze more money out of consumers?

Campsite owner Jules Sayer shares the inside scoop on why they've embraced this innovative system, offering insights into its implementation and sharing some surprising outcomes they've observed.

Matt and Keith dig deeper into the investment required for campsites to implement such systems and speak with the company installing them throughout the country.

In the news, we return to towing regulations in mainland Europe spurred on by someone who disagrees with a key point in our last episode. 

And make sure you stick around for the Q&A section, which takes a heartfelt turn this week. We've been inundated with personal stories from you following Matt's recent health issues, sparking more important conversations on the importance of proactive healthcare.

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