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Travel cookbooks with Fell Foodie and 2024 predictions

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Happy New Year! We're kicking off 2024 with a buffet of topics. Matt and Keith serve a platter of tips, citing ongoing sales and potential deals in the market, plus predictions on campsite bookings amidst a surge in demand.

That's not the only surge we've noticed. Cookbooks are on the rise and this week we are excited to feature the wonderful Harrison Ward, a.k.a. Fell Foodie, and his recently released book, Cook Out. This stunning book features one-pot recipes tailored for life in the outdoors. Harrison shares his inspiration behind the cookbook and where his love of outdoor cooking began.

In the news, we unpack a new crackdown on motorhomes parking at Portishead, near Bristol, highlighting concerns about waste dumping and the evolving landscape of parking restrictions among councils.

Moving to the Q&A segment, Joe and Jo get in touch to ask about fitting Wi-Fi shock antennas and discuss concerns about adapting electric vehicles for specific mobility needs.


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