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How to up-plate your motorhome and why you would want to

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This week, we're tackling a question we've been asked many times: how to up-plate your motorhome. That's right, we're talking payload and (crucially) how you can increase it.

Join Matt as he chats with SvTech, renowned re-rating specialists in the UK, to explore the reasons behind wanting to uprate or downplate your leisure vehicle. Get insights into the process of re-rating a motorhome and the importance of seeking expert advice.

Discover the ins and outs of ensuring your motorhome is appropriately rated for its payload, and learn why accurate vehicle weight declarations are crucial to avoid legal and insurance issues.

In the news, a coroner is asking the government to examine seat belt laws after a tragic accident that killed a mum and two children. Matt and Keith unpack the current regulations and what they mean for motorhome owners.

Plus, we're off to France once again to unveil another Alan Rogers Campsite of the Month, featuring the winner of their Most Accessible Campsite award.

And don't miss out on our Q&A segment, where Matt addresses your queries on reverse polarity and selecting the ideal navigation system for your adventures.

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