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How I got my teenager to enjoy a camping holiday

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Should you pack your kids' bags and send them off camping with their friends? This week, Matt and Keith delve into the world of Petruth Paddocks, a unique campsite near Cheddar that offers young campers both independence and the joy of outdoor experiences.

Jules Sayer, the campsite owner, shares insights into their mission to foster independence and outdoor exploration in children—and explains how a "behaviour bond" helps keep all visitors in check.

Plus, Matt's teenage son, Reuben, joins us to recount his camping holiday at Petruth Paddocks, providing a firsthand perspective from the kids' point of view.

In the news, we unpack a recent survey conducted by the RAC on whether headlight glare is becoming a bigger issue for drivers. Matt also offers tips on how you can avoid being a headlight dazzler.

In the Q&A, Matt addresses your queries about selecting durable tyres for motorhomes and offers advice on pedal extenders for shorter drivers struggling to reach pedals comfortably.

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