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Are lithium batteries dangerous?

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A destroyed campervan. Every owner's nightmare. This week, Motorhome Matt and Keith delve into the safety of lithium batteries in motorhomes, sharing a firsthand account from a listener whose motorhome tragically caught fire due to a lithium battery fault. Matt discusses the crucial aspects of lithium battery installations, the dangers and best practices to avoid disaster.

Shifting gears, in the news we unpack the recent 20 mph speed limits in Wales providing insights into the potential impacts of lowered speed limits in certain areas and discussing how it might affect motorhome travel.

In the Q&A, Matt tackles your burning questions, ranging from solar panel charging concerns for Fiat Ducato start-stop systems to toilet bowl size adjustments and the legality of towing cars with A-frames in the Republic of Ireland.

Read KS Energy's full statement:

"Dear Matt,

We appreciate the opportunity to address the recent recall of a small batch of batteries manufactured by our company.

Our top priority has always been the safety and satisfaction of our customers. Once we became aware of the fault we immediately reported it to the OPSS (Office of Product Safety and Standards) and action was taken to identify and locate the affected batteries, and we are pleased to confirm that all recalled units have been successfully collected. Working closely with our customers, we have ensured that replacements or suitable alternatives were provided promptly, minimizing any inconvenience.

Our insurers have underwritten losses on Simon Fox’s motorhome and his premium should not be affected. It's important to note that all batteries currently in circulation are not affected by the recall, and customers can continue to use them with confidence. Our revised product, thoroughly tested and free from the potential fault found in the seat base version, is now available.

We remain committed to supplying high-quality products to motorhome owners and the leisure community. Our dedication to safety and value for money is unwavering, and we believe in providing a premium product for our customers' investments.

Thank you for allowing us to address this matter, and we assure our customers of our ongoing commitment to their satisfaction and safety.

Sincerely, Stuart Allen and Richard Gleeson Directors, KS Energy"

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