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38. Living the F**k Out of Your Chart with Danica Boyce

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And for this second installment of LTFOOYC, I am giddy to share this rollicking conversation with the luminous Danica Boyce.

Danica Boyce is a pagan life coach and educator who guides folks to shed limitation and imperialism through genuine reconnection with the abundance innate in this world and ourselves. She specializes in embodied creativity, non-hierarchical mentorship, and the energetics of holding epic, love-fueled visions for humankind and the earth.

She began in academia, and after a masters in medieval studies and a teaching specialization in indigenous pedagogy, she left the conventional job market to pursue folklore podcasting and online teaching full time. She leads courses and coaches on social and personal transformation, money and career from a pagan, animistic worldview.

  • Growing up as an imaginative child and not knowing anyone else who believed in fairies
  • Living with that sense that you can’t do a conventional job
  • The story of how Danica’s Fair Folk podcast was seeded while recovering from trauma
  • The growth of Fair Folk to Danica’s great surprise: “Every step has been such a revelation, which is why I speak so passionately about doing what you want with your life.”
  • The beautiful irony that by funneling her devotion to the magical realm she was able to fully commit to living in this earthly realm
  • Stories behind big shifts in Danica’s voice and projects in 2020-2021
  • “Patriarchy isn’t the problem. Scarcity mindset is, and the belief that we’re in competition.”
  • The horror and the grief around realizing you’ve been living blinded to the possibilities of abundance that are available to you.
  • Realizing she didn’t want to write a book on Abundance Paganism bc she realized what she’s REALLY interested in helping reframe people’s relationship to money
  • Danica’s incredible new offering MoneyQueer, which offers a conceptual and practical guide to re-visioning your financial potential by releasing binaristic, hierarchical beliefs about the cosmos and yourself, and trying on the liberatory lenses of queer, animistic, multiversal, and radical possibility.

The most fun is when we get into how Danica’s chart reflects the stories we had been discussing. We talk about how Danica is a Scorpio Rising with Saturn at the Ascendant. She has Sun-Uranus in Sag in the 2nd house, Moon in Cancer in the 9th, and Jupiter in Capricorn in the 3rd.

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Podcast music by Jonathan Koe. Podcast art by Angela George.

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    48. Living the F**k Out of Your Chart: Capricorn Edition with Mallory Dowd


    I'm excited to share another installment of the LTFOOYC series. This time my guest is Mallory Dowd, a Capricorn Sun. Mallory is also a Virgo Rising with Virgo Moon.  Mallory is indeed living the F out of her chart. With Sun conjunct Jupiter in the 5th house of creativity, Mallory brings Capricornian structure and ritual to the expansive magic of personal storytelling. Having experienced her readings, I can attest to the fact that Mallory is deeply connected to multiple channels of intuition. Her witchcraft is huge and profound, and her heart is even bigger. Listeners, I hope you love this conversation.  Mallory Dowd is an artist, tarot reader, teacher, theatre-maker, storyteller, and mystic. In 2014, she left her home in so-called Chicago and a dissatisfying career in social work, and moved to South Korea, where she resides today. Mallory aims to enchant and awaken, casting spells with her words and urgently embodying the gifts of creativity, imagination, and play. As a reader and guide, she holds warm and compassionate space in which to embrace the energies and invitations that linger on the edges of awareness, desire, and change. Mallory collaborates with her clients, Spirit, and guides to connect with inner wisdom and self-expression, peer into the crones’ cave, and unearth treasures from the depths of our messy, miraculous lives. She has a growing email newsletter community and is in the process of birthing new creative offerings and a podcast that playfully blends tarot, mysticism, and storytelling. Follow Mallory on Instagram, join her newsletter, and book a reading with her to experience more of her magic.   +++ Sign up here to learn more about The Magician's Table 2022. We begin in late March. To book a recorded Year Ahead Reading, a live session, or my 6-month Transformation journey, check out my offerings page.  For any of my workbooks, go to the In Case of Emergence website where I sell my co-creations with creative director Angela George.  Podcast art by Angela George. Podcast music by Jonathan Koe. 
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    47. Alchemizing Shame & the Astrology of Capricorn Season 2021-22


    As with all things Capricorn and Saturn, my goal here was to bring honor to the topics at hand.  The first part of this episode is a recap of the primary astrological invitations of 2021. I hope to help you come into a sense of "this is what I learned" and to bring it some closure.  Then we move into Capricorn wisdom and talk about Saturn. I find a lot of pleasure in expanding our definitions of these archetypes.  Cap season has a lot of significant astrology so I spend more than usual on what's coming.  And final: I offer a 5-card tarot reading for us. That felt so nice.  It's a long one. Key themes:  - how self-worth issues limit our visions  - shame and Capricorn  - opening the heart and surrendering to love when you have no evidence that it's safe to do so  - witnessing fears and vulnerabilities in order to release them  - intentions as sentient beings  - getting honest about capacity  - erotic aliveness as healing agent to winter's hardening - ritualizing as Capricornian magic  - materializing what Sag taught you about aspirations  ... and more. I dedicate this episode to Matt, Prince of Dicks, who holds such loving space for my vulture alchemy.   +++ To check out my 6-month Transformation offering or order a Year Ahead Reading, visit my bookings page.  For deeper learning, invest in the Capricorn workbook and/or Seeding the Year 2022.  Podcast music by Jonathan Koe. Podcast Art by Angela George. 
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    46. Temper me, Sag: The Astrology of Sagittarius Season 2021


    As it's my central thesis of this episode that Sag season is here for us to help integrate, process, and alchemize all we've been learning across both autumn and this whole year, I spend a good half of this episode sharing all that I've been moving through lately, noting the big invitations in my life and where I am with these. So much of what I notice in my life I also see reflected in the experiences shared by my students, collaborators, friends, family, and clients.  Topics:  - rewriting self-identifications with confusion - allowing oneself to be a winner  - musing on the words "I love you" and how they live and last beyond the contracts we make and break with those we love  - Vulture Magic celebrations  - what I am learning with The Devil  - new lessons on knowing one's value  - surprising layers of trauma healing  - how this moment feels like a new beginning  And then we get into Sagittarius wisdom. And I discuss where we are with the astrology right now and then the highlights of the forecast for Sag season. LOTS in this episode!  I hope you love it. If so, please rate and/or review Moon to Moon if you haven't before. Thank you thank you thank you!  Book a Year Ahead Reading or any kind of reading, tutoring, or spiritual business coaching at my website You can also schedule an exploratory call to see if you're a good fit for my 6-month Transformation offering.  Podcast art by Angela George. Podcast music by Jonathan Koe. 
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    45. Living the F**k Out of Your Chart: Scorpio Season Edition with Mariola Rosario


    It is my joy and honor to introduce a new format to the seasonal episode!  The episode has three parts:    1. A review of the rollocking recent astrology, weaving in personal storytelling and insights per usual 2. A rich, heart-led, and thought-provoking conversation with the brilliant and highly Scorpionic Mariola Rosario  3. My highlights and pointers to consider for Scorpio Season 2021   My upcoming Pluto intensive NOTES FROM THE UNDERGROUND: CULTIVATING INTIMACY WITH PLUTO + SCORPIO is open for registration now and runs for 3 weeks: October 26 - November 16. Register now to dive into the pre-course module and prepare.  I have constellated a team of incredible humans to guide us lovingly to the Underworld and back again: somatic therapist Luis Mojica, hypnotherapist Megan Frye, and astrologer (and this episode's podcast guest) Mariola Rosario. Notes from the Underground will truly be an interdisciplinary approach to this material. My highest intention for us is to offer a wildly stimulating intellectual experience alongside practical and embodied nourishment with what comes up when we get into Pluto’s zone. To learn more and sign up, check out the course page.  Mariola Rosario (she/her) is an astrologer, professor, artist and cultural producer from Borikén, the land currently known as Puerto Rico. Right now, she is living and experiencing our global collapse from the shores of Paris, France. Mariola loves collaborating with artists, intuitives, freaks, ghouls, old, new & curious souls, students, teachers, organizers, activists, ancestors, flowers, plants, animals, candles, tarot, planets and beyond. Mariola’s artistic practice and academic research interests often revolve around cross-disciplinary aesthetic production from literary and contemporary visual culture to critical theory, mythology, photography and autobiography, alternative pedagogy and communal learning processes. Her current main artistic expression is the love language of Astrology and the empowering conversations that arise from it.  The deeper she dives into this contemplative practice, the more she begins to consider Astrology as an Artistic Practice: a dialogue, a dance, a conversation between us, here on Planet Earth, and the divine Cosmos that houses all the delicious secrets of the Universe. Mariola is a Scorpio Sun, Scorpio Rising, Capricorn moon and proud alumni of the Pluto in Scorpio generation aka millennials, aka “generation hex”. No stranger to the katabatic journey, Mariola was born with Pluto in the first house, a tender point that has always required very international nurturing, kisses and sweet surrender. Pluto is currently still transiting her natal moon. I hope you love the episode. If you do, please leave some stars and a sweet review to brighten my day!  +++ Podcast music by Jonathan Koe. Podcast art by Angela George. 
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    44. Healing Attachment Wounds: Libra Season 2021


    I share right away that the seasonal episode for Libra season is a little different this month because I offered a deep dive forecasting discussion of the Libra archetype over on Cosmic Cousins with host Jeff Hinshaw and my dear friend and collaborator Jonathan Koe. Please check it out on iTunes, Spotify, or PodBean.  Here I share some of my personal gnosis from working so deeply with Venus - Libra's planetary ruler - this year. This part of the episode will be especially meaningful to you if you listed to my Taurus season episode on The Emergent No when Venus was in Taurus as well as a the episode on Dumbo's Feather when Venus was in Leo. Now Venus is in Scorpio, opposite the former and square the latter.   I also get into my thoughts on the Mercury retrograde invitation - nestled as it is between a square to Pluto and an opposition to Chiron.  I share some downloads I've received on this from the Akashic space.  And finally I offer a collective tarot reading to support us with all we're learning this Libra season.  Thank you for listening! To receive audio horoscopes by sign at the New Moons as well as weekly written astro forecasts, check out my Patreon offerings. Currently, I am only giving one-on-one readings to folks in my Patreon.   If you enjoy Moon to Moon, please leave a rating and review. Thank you so much!  
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    43. Living the F**k Out of Your Chart with Rachel Blodgett of Serpent & Bow


    Wow wow wow this is such a rich, deep, and expansive conversation. I have admired Rachel's work for a couple of years now and in 2021 we have been growing a friendship in mutual admiration and respect. I'm so honored to be able to share her voice with you here on Moon to Moon.  Rachel Blodgett is an artist and poetic spellcrafter from Santa Rosa California. Working with botanical dyes and visual magic, she created the magical lingerie shop known as Serpent & Bow: serving as a channel to transformative and liberatory understandings of embodiment. Rachel also offers divinatory card readings through her tarot practice, House of Poets. She is devoted to courting Life as it moves through us: exploring the mystery of being here, surrendering to being human, and allowing artistic expression to deepen this exquisite spiritual experience in the material mundane. Follow Serpent & Bow on Instagram and visit her online store to select the piece that's meant for you.   In the episode, we dive into Rachel's chart. She is a Scorpio Rising, Sag Moon, and Taurus Sun. We discuss how Serpent & Bow unfolded and how her process has been shifting in 2021 as Uranus has been informing her Sun.  Rachel is a remarkable storyteller. Not only is the content of what she says incredibly authentic, deep, and wise, but also the somatic quality of her voice is slow, sensual, and grounding. There are many laters of weight to her words. You will be truly entranced by her Scorpio-Taurus embodiment here.  Thank you, Rachel, for connecting with me at so many levels and sharing yourself here! And thank you for everyone who has already said Yes to Charting Your Course and to those who will soon. Registration closes Sunday night, Aug 29. We begin on September 1! LEARN ABOUT CHARTING YOUR COURSE HERE!  Ready to enroll now? Jump straight HERE. The cohort is robust and we're calling in the remaining players! Come dive into the material with us. We can't wait to begin!  +++ Podcast music by Jonathan Koe. Podcast art by Angela George.
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    42. Charting Your Course: The Reunion Show


    Woohoo - 42 has been my lucky number since I was a kid. I feel like this is reflected in this episode because I am so utterly fortunate to have magnetized the people you'll hear from here.  I have lucky Jupiter in the 3rd House of teaching meetups and my Part of Fortune in the 11th House of constellating people with shared dreams. I am blessed when it comes to magnetizing the right people! You know this if you join any of my groups. I bring in folks who are smart, creative, critical thinkers who are also old souls seeking something more mystical and heart-led from their lives. I bring in the clever and the witty, the earnest and the authentic, the kind and the good. I am so so so lucky.  Welcome to our "reunion show" with some of the cohort from last year's Charting Your Course. Thank you Pisces Sun Lauren Margolies, Scorpio Sun Mariola Rosario, Moon to Moon art creator & Leo Sun Angela George, Virgo Sun Rebecca Padgett, and Moon to Moon music composer & Pisces Sun Jonathan Koe for joining me to reminisce and share words of love for your experience of the container.  Lauren, Mariola, Rebecca, and Jonathan are now practicing astrologers in the public sphere. Woohoo! Check out their voices! Reach out to them for readings! Angela is deeply involved with astrology as my business partner, and she also creates ritual products based on her knowledge of astrological magic. Stay tuned for more on that in the months ahead.  Listen to the episode to learn about ways that an embodied, intuitive approach to astrology can change your life. Listen to the episode to feel inspired by these magical people.  Listen to the episode to attune to whether or not this year's Charting Your Course will be the kind of investment and leap you want right now.  Because it is an investment. And it is a leap. And it's worth it if you're resonating with the words we share. Thank you thank you thank you to these 5 individuals for giving Moon to Moon your time and beautiful energy. Thank you also to all of you in the cohort from last year who are listening. We felt you with us! And thank you for everyone who has already said Yes to CYC and to those who will soon.  Registration closes Sunday night, Aug 29. We begin on September 1!  LEARN ABOUT CHARTING YOUR COURSE HERE!  Ready to enroll now? Jump straight HERE.
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    41. "Wholly unto Oneself" & the Astrology of Virgo Season 2021


    Ah Virgo, you beautiful sign, you. Happy Birthday to all the Virgo Suns!  In this episode, I get into some of Virgo's wisdom teachings, including a discussion of Vesta. Then I recap where we're at right now astrologically in the year. I end by discussing the powerful new and full moons across this Virgo season.   This is a powerful time for integration and shift. And the most important invitation I have for you is to go EARTH: embrace your embodiment practices, tend to your practical life, seek somatic healing, and give devotion to all skills and techniques which support your energetic clarity and sovereignty.  +++ The doors are closing soon to my 7-month experiential container for learning how to be a channel for astrological wisdom and live the f**k out of your chart. Please check out the Charting Your Course page on my website. Enroll now! Early Bird is over. Regular registration ends Sunday, Aug 29. The course begins September 1.  Wishing you all a beautiful Virgo season.  +++ Podcast music by Jonathan Koe. Podcast art by Angela George. To get astro guidance and receive readings from me quarterly, join my Patreon here.  Order your Virgo workbook or any other workbooks. 
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    40. Living the F**k Out of Your Chart with Jeff Hinshaw of Cousins Cousins


    It is with wild glee and pride that I share this new episode with esteemed guest: Jeff Hinshaw. Jeff (he/they) has been one of my favorite voices in astrology for years and I admire their work so deeply. What a big moment for Moon to Moon!  We go so deep here. Jeff was open and generous with his storytelling and fully just dropped IN with me.  We dove into their chart, especially covered Jeff's Aquarius Rising / Aquarius Sun invitation, the gifts of his Virgo Moon, and all that he's been learning with Saturn in Sag in the 11th with Uranus - both sextiling his Sun. If you don't know what that means, don't worry. Focus on the quality of what's shared and the energy of what is communicated.  Like all of us, Jeff has been going through lots of change lately. Remember that it's especially those with fixed signs for rising signs and fixed signs for Sun or Moon. I am sending you all my compassion. I hope Jeff's shares will inspire you to look for the larger cosmic vision coming to you right now. Part of this change has been the gift of new downloads with the celestial bodies. We talk a lot about Jeff's recent gnosis with the asteroid goddesses Juno, Ceres, Vesta, and Pallas. He calls them the "fairies" in the chart - I LOVE this! Jeff is offering a new workshop on the asteroid goddesses starting September 6. I have already signed up! Jeff's Mercury is at 13 Pisces where I have my Sun. When he talks, I light up! In my light, he speaks who he is! You might attune to this while you listen.  You can connect with Jeff on Instagram at @cosmic.couins and check out their podcast at Cosmic Cousins.  +++ To learn about my upcoming 7-month experiential container for learning how to be a channel for astrological wisdom and live the f**k out of your chart, check out the Charting Your Course page on my website. Enroll now for Early Bird bonuses. Early Bird ends after Aug 22. Happy Full Moon in Aquarius!  +++ Podcast music by Jonathan Koe. Podcast art by Angela George. To get astro guidance and receive readings from me quarterly, join my Patreon here.
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    39. Living the F**k Out of Your Chart with Kristin Layne Tucker


    Welcome back to the next episode in this series Living the F**k Out of Your Chart. I hope you are loving these!  My guest is Kristin Layne Tucker. Kristin is an Emmy-nominated screenwriter and highly creative human being. I know Kristin as a client and student who is fearless about going to the deepest places in the chart. A Sag Rising, Aries Sun-Venus-Mars-Mercury, and Leo Moon, Kristin has learned to be an alchemist with so much FIRE in her chart.  Her life, as she shares, has been shaped by the Archer's desire to aim for a world she doesn't see yet. Her personal Aries stellium in the 5th House of creativity opposite the generational Jupiter-Saturn-Pluto in Libra in the 11th House of collectivity has been a powerful push-pull axis for her. She has been growing into how to serve her self-expression while also addressing and serving collective transformation and the calling in of new paradigms. We speak too about her Vesta-Moon conjunction in Leo in the 9th House. Tune in to hear about it!  The Emmy-nominated Kristin Layne Tucker began following her calling when she transferred from Georgetown University to the University of Southern California. It was there that she took her first screenwriting class and fell in love with the art form. After college, Kristin enrolled in graduate school at the University of Texas at Austin, where she received her M.A. in Screenwriting. Post-graduate school, she worked as an assistant to a television literary agent at WME while delving into her own writing pursuits. With the television scripts she wrote, Kristin was one of seven comedy semi-finalists in the Austin Film Festival, one of six comedy finalists for the Warner Bros. Television Writers’ Workshop and was one of eight writers accepted into NBC’s Writers on the Verge. Kristin’s small screen debut came as a writer on Disney Channel’s Dog With A Blog. Subsequently, she worked as a writers’ assistant on the Showtime series Black Monday, at Hartbeat Productions on a Kevin Hart project for Netflix, and as a writer on comedian Jo Koy’s animated series This Functional Family. Her most recent writing credits include season two of HBO’s groundbreaking, Emmy-nominated A Black Lady Sketch Show as well as season two of Golden Globe and Emmy-nominated The Flight Attendant on HBO Max. Kristin was also recently tapped to write a feature for Netflix, starring Jada Pinkett Smith. In the summer of 2020, Kristin was the graduation speaker at our alma mater. This is a HUGE honor. Toward the end of our conversation, I read excerpts of her speech to reflect back to her - and to you the listener - the power of her voice. You can literally feel her chart inside these words! So moving!  Enjoy!  +++ To learn about my upcoming 7-month journey to learning how to read your chart and cultivate fluency and intimacy with astrology and the planets, check out the Charting Your Course page on my website. Sign up for the Early Bird bonuses here. Early Bird ends after Aug 22. +++ Podcast music by Jonathan Koe. Podcast art by Angela George. To get astro guidance and receive readings from me quarterly, join my Patreon here.

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