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The One In One Out Rule Three Ways (Maintenance Decluttering for Your Stuff, Your Days, and Your Mind)

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Today I'm talking about the one in one out rule - a very basic rule of maintenance decluttering. However, I'm not just talking about our stuff. I talk about how this rule can apply to our days and our minds as well.

I specifically dive deeper into how this rule can help declutter our days/minds to go along with the many episodes of burnout we've had so far this year on the show. I get real about something that has been missing from my days, and my one in, one out to help add it back in.


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  • With Intention: Minimalism, Motherhood, Intentional Living podcast

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    4 Tips for a Less Stressful Holiday Season + a Chat about Gifts and Minimalism


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    Today I have the honor of sharing my conversation with Christy Wright. We talked all about balance - what it means and why we are always in search of it. I absolutely love Christy's take on balance, the way it looks different in different seasons, and how we can achieve it. We also talk about to - do lists and calendars and ways we can make them actually work for us. You can pre-order her book here: Take Back Your Time Find Christy on Instagram Find Desirae on Instagram This Week's Sponsors: Indeed: Get a 75$ Credit at indeed.com/intention Organifi: Get 15% off your first purchase at organifi.com/intention
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    Today I'm talking with professional photographer, Jenna Arvidson, all about photos of our family: the ones you take and the ones taken of you. Most of us have a smartphone which can make us feel the pressure of constantly capturing the moments of our kids and lives in general- but sometimes the phone/photos can be a distraction and keep us from being present, and almost always we take about a million but only print out a few. Today, Jenna gives us tips on how to get the photos we will actually cherish of our families and be present for the rest instead of constantly living with a phone in our hands so we don't miss a photo op. She also gives us tips on family photo day from a photographer's perspective, and how to stress less when the day comes. Find Jenna on Instagram here Find Desirae on Instagram here Sponsors: Lovevery: Get free shipping at lovevery.com/withintentions Ana Luisa: Get 10% off your first order at analuisa.com/intention    
  • With Intention: Minimalism, Motherhood, Intentional Living podcast

    Steps to Stop the Negative Body Image + Why We Need to Change the Way we Speak About our Bodies


    Today I'm sharing a bit of my own body image journey. The first half of the episode is reflection that I hope you'll find relatable, while the second half is more actionable, with steps you can take to find more confidence in your body today. This topic is important, especially as we approach summer, and I hope you'll find some value in today's episode! Sponsors Ana Luisa - Get 10% off with code analuisa.com/intention code: Intention Plushcare- Sign up today at plushcare.com/intention
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    Curating A Closet You Love + Dressing Your Current Body with Confidence (Even in the Summer) with Jammie Baker


    Today I talk with personal stylist Jammie Baker about how we can dress our current bodies with confidence. Yes, even in our postpartum, post-kids bodies. We talk all about the process of finding a personal style that works, curating a closet full of clothes that fit our bodies NOW, and how to let go of the ones that don't. We also talk about actionable and simple steps to getting started, along with tips to getting dressed and feeling confident this summer. I love this conversation because it is full of actionable steps to help you get started today! Follow along with Jammie: Instagram Jammie's Website Free Body Shape Guide --- Desirae's instagram Podcast Website --- Sponsors: Prepdish: get a 2 week free trial at prepdish.com/withintention Zocdoc: download the free app at zocdoc.com/withintention Indeed: get a 75$ credit to upgrade your job listing at indeed.com/withintention
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    Declutter With Me: The Catch All Closet


    Let's declutter an overwhelming space together today - this episode can apply to any "catch all" space you have in your home! I don't have all the answers, but we are doing this together. My catch all closet now has a purpose and it's a breath of fresh air - I hope you'll feel the same when you're done decluttering. Tune in & declutter with me!   Today's sponsors: Ancient Nutrition: Use code intention at ancientnutrition.com/intention to get 20% off your first order Plush Care: Go to plushcare.com/minimalish for a 30 day free trial Indeed: Use code intention at indeed.com/intention for a 75$ credit

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