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Human stories along the Transsiberian Railway

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    The Rapper


    Oleg had many jobs. One he got with a fake ID, and one was not exactly legal. He's supposed to finish studying to work in a mine, but that's not for him. He wants to make it in music, as a rapper.
  • Mesto47 podcast

    The Lacemaker


    She calls herself “an extinct dinosaur in a modern society”. Indeed, it’s almost like she travelled here by time machine. Her job is a well-respected profession in 18th century: lace maker. She lives with her husband in patriarchy, meaning that she obeys him all the time, thinks that her life mission is to be next to him and asks for permission each time she leaves the house.
  • Mesto47 podcast

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  • Mesto47 podcast

    The Fortune Teller


    Baba Rimma doesn't leave the house much, ever since she had a stroke. But that doesn't mean she's not busy. With numerology and her dowsing rod, she has answers for every quesion people might ask her.
  • Mesto47 podcast

    The Impersonator


    There are two almost identical men who wake up every morning, commute to their job at Red Square, and both respond to the name Putin. One is the President of Russia, but this story, is about the other guy.

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