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Make Sierra Leone Famous with Vickie Remoe - Conversations that expand your understanding of Sierra Leone's history, culture, and identity.

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    The History of Bunce Island: Rice, Slavery, and the Sierra Leone-American Connection


    Bunce Island is Sierra Leone’s World Heritage site that served as a major slave trading post for 300 years. Today it's restored ruins hold the story of Sierra Leone-American cultural heritage and connection. Join this conversation with Isatu Smith, former head of Sierra Leone’s Monument & Relics Commission as she shares the fascinating history of Bunce Island and the preservationists working to restore it. Show Notes For More on Sierra Leone and Slavery Check out The Gilder Lehrman Center for the Study of Slavery, Resistance, and Abolition at Yale University About Bunce Island Bunce is a 1600 feet uninhabitted island lying approximately 20 miles up the Sierra Leone River from Freetown, the Capital city of Sierra Leone. Bunce Island was established as a slave trading station in 1670. From 1670 to 1728 two companies- the Gambia Adventurers and the Royal African Company of England ran Bunce Island one after the other.  Bunce Island’s prosperity ran from 1744 to 1807 during private management by a consortium of London firms. At their slave trading heights British traders shipped tens of thousands of African slaves to the Americas from this place. The trading fort was subjected to attacks a number of times by other Europeans. Slave trading ceased on the island with the abolition of slace trade in 1808. It was however in the 1840 that the Bunce Island fort was finally abandoned. Bunce Island was declared a National Monument in 1948. (Read More) Bunce Island - World Monuments Fund (   The Language You Cry In (1998, Film) Joseph Opala in His Own Words ( The Gullah: Rice, Slavery, and the Sierra Leone-American Connection by Joseph Opala ( For more information on Colin Powell: To listen to 'Beautiful' by Jimmy B:  
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    Sixty Years of Independence with Mr. Sierra Leone


    Join me for Part II of a conversation with one of my favorite writers and cultural historians, Ade Daramy. We’re talking about Ade’s life and work, building community for and with Sierra Leoneans in the UK diaspora. I first talked to Ade on our October 29th episode about April 27 1961, and the early years after Independence when under the leadership of Sir Milton Margai, Sierra Leoneans believed excellence and greatness was within reach. This time we talk about corruption and state decay in the 80s , and their impact on a generation who had dreamt of returning home from the diaspora. We also talk about Ade’s life as a British civil servant and the things he learned being within earshot of retired British colonial officers on how they stole diamonds from Sierra Leone. We talk about neocolonialism and Sierra Leone’s continued courtship with foreign powers that exert influence over the nation’s leaders. We talk about the war years, identity national pride, and what makes us optimistic about the future of Sierra Leone To listen to 'Sweet Salone' by Lady Felicia: For more information on the work Ade Daramy does:
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  • Make Sierra Leone Famous podcast

    Who Is Who? Sierra Leoneans Who Shaped History


    In conversation with Akindele Decker co-author of "20 Icons of Sierra Leone Who Shaped History". Vickie kicks off this conversation with  Akindele’s home leaving story and quest to maintain a Sierra Leonean identity in the diaspora.  They duo also share their experiences tracing their families’ genealogy from West Africa to the New World, and immortalizing Sierra Leoneans in books to remind younger generations of their heritage. Get the book 20 Icons of Sierra Leoneans Who Shaped History by Akindele Decker & Adrian Labor: To listen to 'Sweet Africa' by M2:
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    Masculinity & Male Identity in Sierra Leone


    In conversation with Hindolo Pokawa founder of Sierra Leone Foundation for New Democracy as he prepares to walk 315 miles from Kailahun to Freetown in solidarity with victims of sexual violence. Hindolo shares his childhood memories growing up in a house with defined gender roles, domestic violence, and toxic masculinity. We discuss the burden of womanhood in Sierra Leone, lost indigenous values that once revered women, and how men can unlearn toxic masculinity. For the Sierra Leonean man ready to accept that their father and male relations normalized violence and force against women this Make Sierra Leone Famous Podcast episode is a good place to start. To listen to "Siahuna Maraidee" by Amie Kallon: For more on Sierra Leone Foundation for New Democracy:  
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    Sierra Leone’s Civil War - A Center For Memory to Honor Our Trauma Forever


    In conversation Joseph Ben-Kaifala founder of the Center for Memory and Reparations Sierra Leone. Remoe and Kaifala explore the origins of the war, the way people forget and remember, and the lessons from the Truth & Reconciliation Commission that Sierra Leone has yet to put into practice to consolidate peace and national healing. Kaifala’s survivor story starts when as a boy, he and his father are imprisoned for being on the wrong side of Liberia’s and Sierra Leone’s wars. For more on Center for Memory and Reparations Sierra Leone: To listen to 'We Lek We Salone' by Collins Pratt: For more on Collins Pratt:  
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    How Sierra Leone invented the world’s first self-adhesive stamp and Other Independence Years Stories


    In conversation with Journalist, and Historian Ade Daramy we discuss his life’s work documenting Sierra Leone’s history and excellence from Pre-Independence to Post. Born five years before Sierra Leone gained Independence, Daramy shares his childhood memories going back to a time when Sierra Leoneans believed they could do anything under the leadership of the First Prime Minister Sir Milton Margai. It was Sir Milton who one day asked his cabinet why there were no stamps that one did not have to lick with that the country would invent the first self-adhesive stamp before the US and the UK. From a place of innovation and possibility (a Wakanda) in the 60s, Daramy takes us through his personal experience of the first coup d’etat, the troubling signs that led up to Siaka Stevens tightened grip on power and the making of Sierra Leone into a one-party state. Note: This is a Part 1 of a two-part conversation about with Ade Daramy To listen 'Di World Don Lef Na Wi Han' by The Kabba Brothers: For more on Sierra Leone's self-adhesive stamp: For more on Sir Milton Margai:
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    Fambul Tok for Girls

    Fambul Tok for Girls - A special Make Sierra Leone Famous community radio program in partnership with Save The Children to mark International Day of the Girl 2020 in Sierra Leone. The average pass rate for National Primary School Exams in the Southern Province is 65% but in Save The Children's Accelerated Education Program in Pujehun 91% of students pass. In this community radio program in Pujehun, Vickie Remoe is in conversatin with the parents of the three girls who scored highest in NPSE 2020 in Gbundapi. If parents in at the last mile in Gbundapi, can prepare girls for excellence in education so can we! Wi g3t fo luk to wi s3f fo mek wi go ebul safkip wi gyal Pikin d3m. Safkip Gal Pikin fo Tumara en Salone im B3t3 wan. Host: Vickie Remoe, Girl Ambassador, Save The Children Sierra Leone
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    The Untold Story Of The Mandingos Who Became Temne Chiefs In Port Loko


    Vickie Remoe travels to the village of Magbele--her maternal homeland-- for a conversation with Bai Suba Bolt III, a chief from the Kabia ruling family of Lower Marampa in Port Loko District, Northern Sierra Leone. Listen for stories that explore how Port Loko got its name, the beliefs and secret societies of old that continue to this day, and how families in line for the chief's throne wait for their turn to rule.
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    Slavery, Rebellion & Religion: Freetown's Maroons from Jamaica to Sierra Leone

    Inside Freetown's Oldest Church built by Jamaican Maroons travel back in history as we explore slavery, freedom, and architecture from 1808 to present day Sierra Leone. In conversation with Aron Strong of St. John's Maroon Church we discuss religion, identity of the Early Settlers, and cultural preservation. For more information on St. John's Maroon Church: To listen to Doniie Major's "Freetown City" :  
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    Krio: An African Language with Roots Abroad


    In conversation with Mrs. Daphne Barlatt Pratt we explore the orginations of the Krio language, its influence on the identity of Krios, and its growth as the primary spoken language in Sierra Leone. Mrs. Pratt is a poet, and a Krio language teacher. She is the founding principal of Limount College, which was established in 1996 after she left the International School. For More Writings & Poetry from Mrs Pratt 1. Krio Salad By Daphne Barlatt Pratt: 2. Soso Parebul By Daphne Barlatt Pratt: For Ajuba & The Sounds of Dr. Oloh: For More From Vickie Remoe: Make Sierra Leone Famous Production Notes: Host: Vickie Remoe Producer: Frankvin Bob McEwen

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