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E4: How to build a case

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The trial moves on, and piece by piece, the prosecutors are building their case. Internal reports, security logs, meetings between the company and representatives from the Sudanese government, as well as reports from human rights organizations, are being used as pieces in the prosecutor's big puzzle.

To help us navigate through all the different reports, we invited Mikael Ekman, Senior Legal Adviser at the organization Civil Rights Defenders, who has been following the trial on a day-to-day basis. Listen to his description of the courtroom and what he thinks are the most striking pieces of evidence so far.

Civil Rights Defenders' reports from the trial can be found here.

Mikael Ekman, Civil Rights Defenders

Halima Athumani


This is the Lundin War Crimes Trial, brought to you by Pax and Global Idé. The music in this podcast is composed by the artist JJ Kang and edited by Roos Boer. Visit for more background and updates from the trial. There you can also listen to more interviews with victims and experts, read expert analysis, explore an interactive map of attacks in Lundin's concession area, and access background information about the case.

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