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E3: The Hope For Justice

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The Hope For Justice

Sarah Simon was 10 years old when the war came to Unity-state and changed her life forever. Now she lives in Kenya but she is dreaming of one day moving back to her hometown Leer. In this episode she tells us her family's history, how the tragic events in the area scattered the Nuer-community and why she thinks this trial is important for getting justice. You will also get the headlines from the first week of court proceedings. 

Sarah Simon, survivor from Unity state, based in Kenya

Halima Athumani

This is the Lundin War Crimes Trial, that is brought to you by Pax and Global Idé. The music in this podcast is made by the artist JJ Kang and edited by Roos Boer. Visit for more background and updates from the trial. There you may also listen to more interviews with victims and experts, read expert analysis, an interactive map of attacks in Lundin’s concession area and access background information about the case.

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