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Ep. 171 - Captain Emma and Brian Morris, creators of FlightDeck Flash Cards to help nervous flyers

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This is a special extra episode to help some friends out! We want to support Captain Emma and Brian Morris promote their great new product. #fearofflying #lovefly FB - Lovefly Insta - @loveflyhelp YouTube - @loveflyteam  Intro music 'Fearless' Daniel King


Brian Morris, Co-Creator of Flight Deck I used to have an extreme fear of flying. It held me back from so many incredible opportunities. I found myself constantly making excuses to avoid getting on a plane. I would make up reasons why I couldn't go on work trips. I would convince family and friends that it would be more fun to go on road trips rather than fly. That all changed when I couldn't convince a group of friends to ride in a car for three days to attend a friend's wedding that I was officiating. I desperately searched the internet looking for help. I stumbled upon Lovefly, an online fear of flying community created by the amazing Paul Tizzard.  Lovefly's  30-day online program was exactly what I needed to conquer my fear. You can find Lovefly at

I devoured the course materials, listened to podcasts, and connected with fellow fearful flyers in Facebook groups.  Paul also suggested I hire Emma Henderson, an airline Captain, to help me with the last little bit fear that was hanging on just days prior to the flight.  Emma answered all of my questions and expertly put my mind at ease. The morning of the flight she called me and gave me a pep talk.  I was able to get on the flight that day and I made it to my friends beautiful wedding. After I returned Captain Emma asked me what helped me the most. I told her about hand written 3x5 flashcards that I created and took on the flight with me. The flashcards were like having a pilot in my pocket. The cards had all of the steps of a commercial flight listed on them.  They gave me the knowledge and confidence I needed to fly without being afraid. They reassured and reminded me what I was hearing and feeling on the plane was completely normal. The flashcards walked me through every step of the flight.  Emma suggested I make the flashcards available to other fearful flyers.  She helped me technically fine tune the flashcards, then we had them professionally printed and packaged, then we made them available to the world! Flight Deck Fear of Flying Flashcards was born! This simple, yet powerful, tool will give you the knowledge and confidence you need to face your fear head-on just like it did for me.  I know firsthand that it's possible for you to to overcome your fear of flying, and I'm here to support you every step of the way.  We are on a mission to help everyone become more confident flyers by using Flight Deck Fear of Fly Flashcards! 

Feel free to personally email me at [email protected] with any questions.

Emma Henderson, Airline Captain and Co-Creator of Flight Deck

I have been a Flight Instructor, an airline pilot and Captain for over 20 years. I worked hard to become one of fewer than 500 female Captains! I was a Fear of Flying presenter for my airline EasyJet. I have helped thousands of people overcome their fear. Brian and I became fast friends while I was helping him with his fear of flying. He suggested Flight Deck to me, I was sold on the idea immediately. It is such a fabulous product and I knew I wanted to be part of it. Brian's firsthand knowledge of what its like to be a nervous flyer, and my technical knowledge are combined to bring you Flight Deck Fear of Flying Flashcards so that like us, you can spread YOUR wings, and fly fearlessly! Feel free to email me at [email protected]

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