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Love and Relationshits

Love & Relationshits

Podcast co-hosted by two millennial women ready to talk all things love. (Including but not limited to: bad dates, booty calls, and yearly anniversaries)

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  • Love and Relationshits podcast

    Episode 10: Repeat Relationships


    Breaking up and getting back together. Most of us have done it, some do it like it's a competitive sport. Carly and Leah discuss some of the reasons why we believe people are justified in getting back with an ex, and when we believe it may be better to just call it quits for good.
  • Love and Relationshits podcast

    Episode 9: Cohabitation


    Have you ever lived with a significant other? Did you establish expectations beforehand, or did you just throw caution with the wind and jump all in? Carly and Leah discuss how things went living with boyfriends past and present, and how things could have gone better. 
  • Love and Relationshits podcast

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  • Love and Relationshits podcast

    Episode 8: Relationship Limbo


    Do you question whether your significant other really loves you, or if they will be there when you need them the most? Are you unsure if your relationship is progressing or if it’s staying exactly the same? Do you find yourself completely at a loss about where your partner stands on important issues? Then my friend, you are in a state of relationship limbo. In this episode we discuss our experiences dating in the grey area of uncertainty, and how to best approach a relationship with a partner who always has one foot out the door.
  • Love and Relationshits podcast

    Episode 7: Can Long Distance Relationships Work?


    Long-distance relationships. A topic that most can relate to and one that's currently hitting home with many of us during the pandemic. Does distance really make the heart grow fonder? Or does an LDR result in the fiery crash of two hearts? Carly and Leah share their experiences with long-distance relationships, as well as their take on how you can make them work. Check us out now on fb:
  • Love and Relationshits podcast

    Episode 6: Should You Stay Friends with an Ex?


    After a breakup, do you stay friends with your ex or go cold turkey? The girls chat about their experiences and share very differing opinions! And what happens if your ex is in the same friend group as you? Seems like that could lead to some awkward situations... Like us on FB:
  • Love and Relationshits podcast

    Episode 5: Our First Times


    With all the craziness going on in our world right now, we wanted to do a fun, relaxed episode! Hang out with us while we chat about our first kisses, middle-school boyfriends, and making out in front of siblings. High school was a time of no-shame and we've got the stories to prove it. Did Leah date Tony Hawk? And who the hell is Brad? If you enjoy this episode, make sure to go like us on FB:
  • Love and Relationshits podcast

    Episode 4: First Date Jitters


    First dates can be kind of nerve-wracking. What questions should I ask? Where should we go? What do I wear? Well, definitely not orange and brown... We've also got some pretty bad date stories and want to share our own experiences. Carly's first date was to an ice cream shop in 6th grade. She got chocolate. In this episode, we'll give you a few date ideas, advice on how to act, and tips on what NOT to do! And if someone doesn't want to be with you because you eat Bojangles... screw 'em! And enjoy your chicken filet biscuit with honey mustard. If you want to stay up to date with all things Love & Relationshits, follow us at
  • Love and Relationshits podcast

    Episode 3: Red Flags in a Relationship


    At the beginning of a relationship, you tend to have on "rose-colored glasses" and may not notice red flags. But hey! That's why we're here! In a more serious episode, we came up with a list of ten red flags. If you're S.O. does any of these things, you should probably leave... Know your worth and do better, honey. Join us as we talk about mixed signals, commitment, and puppies! Like us on FB:
  • Love and Relationshits podcast

    Episode 2: If You're Being Ghosted


    Hey friends, have you been ghosted? Cause we sure as hell have!! Ghosting sucks. It's such a cowardly way out of a relationship and people deserve closure! However, we've totally done it before too. And "phasing out". Let's chat about double standards, communication, and Chipotle. Also, what if you're being ghosted RIGHT NOW? Well, that sucks... I'm sorry... but it all works out in the end! We pinky promise. Take a listen and maybe don't follow in our footsteps. (Last but not least - Screw you, Caleb!) Like us on FB: 
  • Love and Relationshits podcast

    Episode 1: Does online dating really work?


    Welcome to our first episode! Starting off, we just wanted to introduce ourselves and our current relationship status. Then, take a sharp left turn into online dating: Tinder. Bumble. Hinge. All popular dating apps but are they successful? Carly shares some stories from past bumble dates and Leah explains why she just ain't about the app game. We are so excited to start sharing our unsolicited advice and tales y'all! Enjoy! If you want to stay up to date with all things Love & Relationshits, follow us at

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