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Live Unrestricted

Sabrina Magnan


If you're tired of feeling obsessed with food & your weight, this podcast will show you how to heal your relationship with food, put a stop to yo-yo dieting and learn how to develop lasting positive habits that prioritize your health, happiness and emotional well-being.

Subscribe for new episodes every week, and join your host Sabrina Magnan - Food Freedom & Intuitive Eating Coach - to explore all things intuitive eating, non-diet nutrition, body image, eating disorders, goal achievement, mindfulness, exercise and the power of mindset.

For chronic dieters and self-sabotagers, Live Unrestricted helps you uncover the true causes of unwanted habits like overeating, binge eating, emotional eating and self-sabotage so that you can escape diet culture, heal from disordered eating, learn body acceptance, and step into a confident relationship with food & your body – all from an entirely new perspective.

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