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Gail (Gigla) Hayes ON: How Words and Music Inspire Change (a Tribute to Her Joy and Life)

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This week's episode deviates from the normal Lit Match episode structure in order to honor the life of Abigail's aunt, Gail Hayes, who was a talented writer, devoted mother and wife, and active fundraiser—some of her many roles in life. Gail (who Abigail called Gigla or Gig) passed away on January 24, 2023 from Glioblastoma (brain tumor) after courageously fighting this disease for 21-months.

In this episode, Abigail pulls her interview with Gail from her first podcast, Story Effect. She interviews Gail about four dominant story-influences on her life, which include THE CRICKET IN TIMES SQUARE, her favorite book, and three of Gail's favorite songs. All of these explore Gail's love for music and how it has an innate ability to connect, inspire, and educate people—even transcend language, although Gail focuses on the words and messages in the book and songs to discuss why they influenced her.

Following the interview, Abigail pulls 5 big takeaways and explains why they can teach and inspire writers. With each takeaway, Abigail provides a writing exercise or writing tip(s) that writers can immediately apply to their craft and WIP (work-in-progress).

So, writing friends, take out your notebooks! This episode offers both life and writing lessons you won't want to miss—and all from a kindred spirit who possessed a magical ability to simplify words in powerful and meaningful ways.

Read the full obituary of Gail Hayes

Make a donation in Gail's name to Dana-Farber Cancer Institute

Read Gail's Creative Writing Articles on Cooking, "How Do I Love Thee? Let Me Cook the Ways"

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