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First Chapters: The House Across the Lake (with Samantha Skal)

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In this episode, Abigail takes a first chapter deep dive with Mystery, Thriller, and Suspense book coach expert and author, Samantha Skal. Together, they discuss the first chapter of Riley Sager's THE HOUSE ACROSS THE LAKE and why its prologue and first chapter hook readers and set up big picture expectations. Plus, Abigail picks Samatha's brain about several elements that make MTS novels special, like how Riley Sager masters misdirection with this bestseller, how to write exceptional plot twists, the difference between mysteries, thrillers, and suspense books—and more!

Even if you don't write MTS, you'll benefit from this episode and all the insights you can learn about conflict, suspense, tension, and entertaining your reader until the end.

P.S. Samantha is hosting a Twists/Reveals how-to class this summer that you don't want to miss! It's called Twists and Reveals in Thrillers - A How To Course and you can learn all about it here.

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