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🌪Cameron and The Purple Tornado | Chapter 1

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Cameron is called upon to stop the purple ninjas! Other Mr. Jim Podcasts Kids Animal Stories Spotify - Apple Podcasts - About Mr. Jim: Hi! I'm Jim Jacob, a South Carolina based creator. I started as a podcaster by accident. Our first real episodes on the internet were me trying to find a solution to help tell my sons stories as I was traveling for work. I recorded some stories and hoped that by uploading them to a podcast app, my wife and kids could have easy access to listen. What started as a fix for our family’s bedtime routine interruption has grown into a worldwide audience with hundreds of thousands of listeners every month. My wife Jocelyn and I have 3 kids and love inspiring others towards greater imagination and curiosity. My purpose for the show is to entertain, enlighten and inspire. Instagram - Facebook - TikTok - Spotify - Apple Podcasts - Ad-Free Version - #heymrjim #kidsshortstories #animals #spyologysquad #spyology #songs #kids #family Mr. Jim Learn more about your ad-choices at See for privacy information.

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