Struggle with sin

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Will my salvation in Christ be a hall pass to sin?

No.  A hall pass is permission given in advance.  Jesus does not give us permission to sin.  As saved Christians we will always struggle with sin, but we will avoid indulging in sin.  Christ covers our struggle with sin.  For those who proclaim that they are saved Christians, but they indulge in sin, they run the risk that they are demonstrating evidence that their faith was not sincere in the first place.  If you were released from prison, would you periodically run back into your cell and close the door?  If you were cured of lung cancer would you periodically light up a pack of cigarettes?  If your parents promised to pay your college debt, would you take advantage of them and take a limousine to school and eat at expensive restaurants and buy expensive clothes everyday?  Of course not.  As saved Christians we endeavor to avoid sin, we struggle with sin.  But out of respect, reverence, and fear of God, we dare not indulge in sin.  We say ‘yes’ to what God wants us to do, and ‘no’ to what our bodies, minds, and egos want to do, in those moments where what they want to do is wrongful.

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