Introduction To Marx/Marxsim podcast

Introduction To Marx/Marxsim

John Molyneux

This is a series of short introductions to the ideas of Marx and Marxism by Marxist writer, John Molyneux. John is the author of numerous books and articles on Marxism including Marxism and the Party, What is the Real Marxist Tradition? and The Point is to Change It! An introduction to Marxist Philosophy and he is editor of the Irish Marxist Review.

14 épisodes

  • Introduction To Marx/Marxsim podcast

    Marx’s vision of socialism:


    why Marx refused to draw up any detailed plan for a socialist society but saw socialism as a historical process created by the working class itself after the overthrow of capitalism
  • Introduction To Marx/Marxsim podcast



    how dialectics is a theory of change through contradiction and how Marx took over this idea from Hegel  and, interpreting it materialistically, made it a cornerstone of his underlying philosophy
  • Introduction To Marx/Marxsim podcast

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  • Introduction To Marx/Marxsim podcast

    Nationalism and Internationalism


    why Marx rejected nationalism and called on workers of the world to unite believing socialism could not be realised in one country alone, but also defended the right of oppressed nations to freedom.
  • Introduction To Marx/Marxsim podcast

    Marx’s theory of the State:


    explains how Marx rejected the dominant view of the state as neutral or above class, seeing it as fundamentally an instrument of rule by the dominant economic class, and the revolutionary political implications of this.
  • Introduction To Marx/Marxsim podcast

    The tendency of the rate of profit to decline


    deals with why Marx believed that in the long run, the rate of profit would tend to fall and how this would make capitalism prone to recurring economic crises.
  • Introduction To Marx/Marxsim podcast

    The Labour Theory of Value


    explains Marx’s core economic doctrine that the value of commodities is determined by the labour-power embodied in them and how this underpins the exploitation of the working class.
  • Introduction To Marx/Marxsim podcast

    What is capitalism?


    This sets out what Marx saw as the main features of capitalism as it developed historically and his analysis of its central dynamic- the accumulation of capital.
  • Introduction To Marx/Marxsim podcast

    Historical Materialism, part 2


    argues against the interpretation of historical materialism as a theory of mechanical economic determinism and shows how Marx and Engels stressed that ideas and political organisation also play a vital part in shaping history.
  • Introduction To Marx/Marxsim podcast

    Historical Materialism, part 1


    outlines the basic ideas of Marx’s theory of history which sees history as driven primarily not by the deeds and ideas of ‘great men’ but by how the mass of ordinary people produce the necessities of life.
  • Introduction To Marx/Marxsim podcast

    The Revolutionary Role of the Working Class


    goes further into why Marx considered the working class as the ‘gravedigger’ of capitalism and the class which would liberate humanity.

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