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Innovations in Sustainable Finance #1 Harald Walkate | "Blended Finance is like Music"

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I ask Harald Walkate why he thinks blended finance is like music. Harald knows about finance, he has 25 years of experience, having worked at Natixis Investment Managers and Aegon Asset Management. He also knows about music, he plays the piano really well. Harald explains how blended finance works, and how it transforms the idea of "sustainable finance" into "financing sustainability". Along the way, we talk about wind turbines in Mali, Milton Friedman, how to access deep pockets, and scoring impact points. As a bonus, you can listen to one of Harald’s recent recordings.

For those looking for more information, some links to the things we talk about:

The Climate Investor 1 Fund

Link to the track and Harald’s Music on Spotify

You can find the 6 articles in the “Music is Like Blended Finance” series that we discuss in the podcast on the website of Route17, the blended finance advisory firm that Harald is a founding partner of:

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