In The Light with Dr. Anita Phillips podcast

In The Light with Dr. Anita Phillips

Dr. Anita Phillips & Woman Evolve

Woman Evolve Network presents nationally acclaimed trauma therapist and life coach, Dr. Anita Phillips. Listen along as she talks to special guests and everyday callers about thriving in love, life, and relationships. If you’re brave enough to stand in the light, Dr. Anita is here to help you evolve into the best version of yourself. Are you ready?

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  • In The Light with Dr. Anita Phillips podcast

    Please Review the Attachment


    Relationships are challenging but romantic relationships can be EXTRA challenging! When it comes to dating and marriage questions, love is the answer! Literally. This week, Dr. Anita welcomes relationship expert Love McPherson back to In the Light. Love insists that “attachment styles” are key to deciphering the mixed messages that undermine healthy connections. She is here to teach us about each style and to help you identify yours. Knowing your attachment style will empower you to transform the most important relationships in your life. That’s something to celebrate!
  • In The Light with Dr. Anita Phillips podcast

    Stay in the House


    Speaker, teacher, pastor’s wife, and multiple-attempt suicide survivor Heather Palacios dedicates her life to helping those struggling against suicide.  In this conversation with Dr. Anita, Heather shares what dark days have taught her about living in the light. Whether you have ever contemplated suicide or not, Heather’s wisdom will inspire you to celebrate each and every day you get to spend in the amazing body that was created to house one very unique person — YOU!
  • In The Light with Dr. Anita Phillips podcast

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  • In The Light with Dr. Anita Phillips podcast

    Safe Space


    The mother-daughter relationship is powerful. When our relationship with our mother is healthy, it supports our emotional wellbeing in countless ways. When that relationship is broken, the emotional impact can be devastating. In this episode, Dr. Anita and her daughter, Olivia-Grace open up about the personality conflicts that threatened their relationship from the start, and the hard work they did to grow and turn things around. It’s never too early to heal and it’s never too late!
  • In The Light with Dr. Anita Phillips podcast

    Thirty-Second Dance Party


    In the Light Podcast is back and we are celebrating that! So many of us are feeling overwhelmed right now, so in this episode, Dr. Anita gives us a look at how she personally responds to challenges in her own life, while making room to celebrate the good stuff. This episode is packed with tools to increase your wellbeing–physically, emotionally, and spiritually–even under pressure and W.E. are here for it!
  • In The Light with Dr. Anita Phillips podcast
  • In The Light with Dr. Anita Phillips podcast

    Still Waters Run Deep


    Anxiety. Insecurity. Perfectionism. Nervousness. Each of these emotional experiences is a form of fear. We can change its name, but it exhausts us just the same. Are you ready to finally get some relief? In this episode, blending faith and mental health as only she can, Dr. Anita is speaking rest to the deep water of your soul! No matter where you are in the process of birthing the new thing God has for your life, let this teaching guide you to a place of peace.
  • In The Light with Dr. Anita Phillips podcast

    No Passing Zone


    Dr. Anita admits that she doesn’t love strength training, but she does love the lessons it teaches us about getting stronger emotionally and spiritually. Building strength is a process, and even though there are no short-cuts, most of us try to find one anyway! In this episode Dr. A delivers mega doses of truth about using “spiritual bypassing” to avoid emotional pain and the toll it takes on our faith and wellbeing. Don’t fall for it! Emotional honesty strengthens us spiritually. It’s hard work but you are worth it!
  • In The Light with Dr. Anita Phillips podcast

    Don't Miss It!


    In this hurried culture, where we pride ourselves on multitasking, Dr. Anita is slowing us down this week. Even when the world is pulling us in any direction except “here and now” she urges us to be present on purpose. Reflecting on the moments that she’s gotten right and times when she’s dropped the ball, Dr. Anita offers tips to make sure you don’t miss a moment of this incredible blessing called life!
  • In The Light with Dr. Anita Phillips podcast

    The Trust Test


    We’re leaning into the faith side of the faith and mental health conversation this week as Dr. Anita gets real about how hard it can be to consistently believe that God really does plan to give us the desires of our heart. Past disappointments can tempt us to sacrifice our dreams on the altar of anxiety we are saying no tothatself-sabotage! Listen in to learn how to evict anxietyfrom your prayer closet and rebuild your trust in God
  • In The Light with Dr. Anita Phillips podcast

    You Are Here


    Change IS possible, even if it doesn’t always seem that way. Whether you feel like giving up on achieving a change in your life or you’re looking for fresh insight as you chase your dreams, Dr. Anita is here to demystify the process of change. Turns out, there are only five steps between “here” and “there”. Grab your notebook and listen in to map your way to your next.

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