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76: Faith-Fueled Songwriting as a Balm for Cancer | Lisa Simmons

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When the storm clouds of breast cancer loomed on the horizon, Lisa Simmons found her beacon of hope in the form of faith and a community that stands strong together. In a heartfelt episode, Lisa takes us through the twists and turns of her cancer journey, discussing the pivotal role played by her support system, including an oncology navigator friend and HealingStrong, a holistic cancer support group where she serves as a co-leader in the North Dallas, Texas area. Her story is a testament to the power of informed decisions, patience, and the solace found in faith, offering a guiding light to those who might feel adrift in similar choppy waters.

Strumming the strings of nostalgia, we reflect on the melodies that have been our life's soundtrack, from the familial echoes of guitars and mandolins to the first bass guitar that sparked a fire within us. Music weaves through the episode as both Lisa and I share the evolution of our songwriting journeys—from childhood ditties to songs that strike deep chords within our souls. The conversation is an open invitation to you too, to discover the melodies and lyrics that lie dormant in your own life experiences, awaiting your creative touch to bring them to life.

Bridging the gap between songwriting and natural healing, this episode opens up about the cathartic process of transforming life's moments into music or poetry. We celebrate songwriting's power to enrich our personal legacy and delve into the healing qualities of singing scripture. Natural healing and nutrition also make an appearance, shedding light on how these elements can complement medical knowledge on our wellness paths. Join us for an episode that harmonizes the spirit of resilience, the artistry of music, and the dedication of HealingStrong to inspire and empower those embarking on their own health journeys.

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