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68: Harnessing the Power of Juicing & Optimizing Your Health | Barbara Duck

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Unlock the potential of your health journey as we dive into the expansive world of juicing. Joined by the phenomenal Barbara Duck, a juicing expert, we tackle the ins and outs of juicing, detailing its immense benefits and techniques. Discover how this nutrient-rich and easily customizable method lets you consume fruits and veggies in a whole new way, giving you an upper hand in your nutrient intake compared to eating whole produce.

Peel back the layers of knowledge about the two primary types of juicers that you'll find on the market - the centripetal and cold press/masticating. Each of these has its pros and cons, and we discuss these in detail. Learn how a high-quality juicer could be your best companion in your juicing journey, making juicing both easy and efficient. Further, we delve into batch juicing, sharing insights on its benefits and tips for preserving your juice effectively. 

Whether you're looking to gain weight, help in healing, or are on a cancer journey, find out how juicing can be your ally. Hear our personal experiences and how juicing aids us in our journeys. But that's not all; we also shed light on the mission of HealingStrong, a nonprofit organization committed to supporting and educating individuals battling cancer and other diseases. By the end of this episode, you'll be inspired to take control of your health and your healing journey, armed with a wealth of juicing knowledge. So jump in, and let's juice up our lives!

HealingStrong's mission is to educate, equip and empower our group leaders and group participants through their journey with cancer or other chronic illnesses, and know there is HOPE. We bring this hope through educational materials, webinars, guest speakers, conferences, community small group support and more.

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