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Episode 9: Blanchitsu Before Bed

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Thanks for checking out Episode 9! We are at Steve's house this week so Terry's cats don't kill him. In-between sips of Coke Zero (sponsored) we talk about a whole lot of going-ons in this 28mm world of ours, and finally make it through a ton of questions and topics you all been waiting for. We talk about Gage's 4000-point lovingly bashed Cities of Sigmar Army "The Iron Opinicus," Delve into Phil's deep love for the State of Survival app (sponsored), hear about Terry's tip-toe into OSR thanks to Rory (@rat_boy_minis), and Steve talks a bit about how he helped develop the rules for the Hondious event hosted by the powerful sorcerers Martin McCoy ( and Gundam Mike (@gundamofficialhobby)!

We'll see ya in the bits box, (Bash the Planet!)

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